Brad Bugos interview of Hank Powers on WLKL


This is the interview I did with Hank Powers of Wooden Igloo (New Hampshire) back on October 12 1989. It was the first on air interview I did and the first interview I did with someone in music. Hank was really cool. He became a friend over the years and was the catalyst for the magazine I self published. A great guy, a damn fine guitar player and a good friend.

Now, in the audio you might notice that during Hank’s parts I’ve boosted the sound so that his voice can be heard. I had to do that because we recorded the interview over the phone line at WLKL and the sound was always a little low. I hope it doesn’t throw off the interview in any way, but I felt it was necessary to boost Hank’s voice so you could hear him properly.

Enjoy. I’ve got more old tapes to go through, maybe something else interesting will pop up. If not, I’ll just keep posting old clips of myself on the air.

Thanks Brad Bugos

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