Book Burners Music Review

Book Burners Music Review


Book Burners
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Nice debut LP. Reminds me of the First Mind Extinguishers Cassette.

The Mind Extinguishers were from Bloomington, IL and their first cassette tape was sent to us at WLKL in the early 1990’s. It was a good mix of rockin goofy charmers, and low dirty production. Catchy. This release reminds me of that a bit, that mid 1980’s to early 1990’s rock album, low on production tweeks.

Also reminds me of The Slugs, a very poppy, catchy Chicago band whom I love, and whose Fort Fun Album might be one of my top ten favorite releases of all time. I only say might, because I haven’t sat down and thought about that subject for a long time, and I know that Fort Fun would be in the Top Twenty for sure.

Okay, that’s good enough for references. Maybe you’ve never heard of either of these bands. Maybe you have and think that I am way off the mark. How about this, I get a light, and I mean light as a nose picking in public, early REM feeling from this as well. Heard of them? See I know of band’s outside of Illinois.

Like the “woo-hooo” “hoo”s in “Who are you, my Darling”. Very appropriate. See bands like this are never just okay with straight ahead rockin’. It’s the little touches of flavor and “whoo-hoo”s that add something to a band’s gumbo.

“Fireman” is a nice rocker. Solid 1980’s mid-tempo rock song. Nice that the band can switch the gears up a bit and play with a little fire and punch.

If we intertwined some Blondie with some mid 1980’s California rock and some blasts of Ohio from Pagans, you might be able to fix a position onto the Book Burners location.

I’d follow this band around, because I get the feeling and this is just pure gut talking, that this is a good solid rock band and following them around for a few gigs would prove to be an easy good time. You should give them a listen, it’s not going to change your life, but then this isn’t the fucking movie where you save the day and get all the pie.

Or hang onto your Menudo records, see if I give a shit.

Music Review by Brad Bugos – brad@fatrobotradio.com

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