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Bobby’s Oar
The Weeds in Your Garden
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Just because most of the songs start with Greg and his guitar, don’t let that taint your ideas or feelings or ruin a chance for you to hear some quality tunes. With good ideas, and really good execution this release overcomes what you may have already stuffed in your hat about the first five seconds of any of these songs. Take your hat off and clear your head.

Songs end at appropriate times at the edge of I’m Dead and I Don’t know. (*Note: I’m not sure what the hell I’m talking about here, my apologies to the band for any confusion this sentence may cause. I think what I was getting at was that a couple of the songs end right at the edge of the fall off point, perfectly fitting their theme and feeling.)

“Shoestring” has a bit of a Violent Femmes vibe to it, many thanks for that. I really like the Violent Femmes and anyone who enjoys their music. A band who add’s a dash of them to their songs is more than cool with me.

This is the kind of release where you are sad to see Among Giants (Greg Hughes last band) break up, but if this is the end result, then maybe it’s for the best. Sure there are the normal themes of a young man in these songs, questioning himself and his place in this world, and what his relationship to others is about, but Greg seems and sounds much older and wiser than 23.

After many other listens
“Highway 95” could have been a rot exercise about the changing world view of a young adult, but it’s got sincerity and a nice guitar cue that makes it work.

I could use more Horns, but then couldn’t we all?

“Shoestrings” has a bit of a country ho down feel to it, I can hear someone yelling “Yeehaw” when they play it live. Shows the band has diversity, can play some different styles.

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