Bloom- Thousand Yard Stare- Music Review

Bloom- Thousand Yard Stare- Music Review


Thousand Yard Stare
Broken Circles Records

Starts out with a scene from an ALL album, with harmonies nipped from a Mumford and Sons release. Don’t let this introduction filter your tastes though, dig in, cause it’s going to be a good meal at a nice restaurant. And hey, don’t fill up on bread.

What band starts out a record with a slow build up Kevin Thista, Jayhawks style ballad with scorching guitar solo? Bloom, that’s who. That’s why you should pay attention here.

This singing is never much over a shared whisper. Like something coming out of the back room of an empty house late at night. Matter of fact, you can hear the neighbors disagreement and the party two stories up in the background. There are a lot of vibes floating in and out, and around these songs. It’s almost as if this band is practicing in their living room in a block of apartments in the depressed side of town. They don’t really want to be there, but where’s a young broke band going to live and practice?

At Track #8 we hit a bit of a rocker. With some fuzzed out keyboard vibes pushing waves over jangly guitar bop and sway. It’s a nice breaker, a bit of sugar cake rush to soak up the tears, downers and vomit and to get you out of the bathroom thinking about ways to kill yourself after you turn forty and into the main dinning hall with the normal people.

It would be hard for me, and I’m just speaking for myself here, to listen to this when I had the gray drizzled cloudiness of my self loathing permiating my being. It’s not that it’s bad, it would just be hard to listen to when I feel horrible about myself, it would be like a nice warm blanket of my own sad depressing self hatred to wrap myself in and fall into the abyss.

Lord, I know that sounds bad, and it shouldn’t come out that way. Like in the last song “Losers”. They sing “We sit at the bottom like we’re losers”, I think he’s talking about me, there I am at the bottom wrung, feeling bad, feeling helpless,but why do I need to sit there even if I do percieve myself that way? It’s not the position to ever right my ship.

It’s the harmonies that get you, soaring and projecting out into the world, all the while clutching that bottle of rum and thinking about the pitiful excuse you made to the only person you’re ever going to love. Good God the numbness feels right, it’s feels good and maybe this never turns around but who cares as you slip away.

Music makes me feel different ways about the world and myself, and it can help me sometimes feel okay about these feelings that I have. Other times it really only takes a Descendents or Motorhead song to pull me out of my head and into the real world. This is why I continue to listen to and talk about music, I love that it still makes me feel something, anything.

Finally, this may come off corny, but I loved this girl once. However, I had a horrible time telling her how I felt. I didn’t treat her right,because if she found out how badly I felt about myself and that I didn’t deserve her, it would have been worse than her rejecting me. I danced around the edges of being happy and in love with her. When I listen to this release from Bloom, it makes me think of those times, makes me wonder what the hell I was so scared of. Why couldn’t I just tell her? Looking out the window, during a rainy day listening to this release, thinking of her, I don’t know why I was so scared and regret that I didn’t just do it and worry about my mangled heart later. But, its too late for that isn’t it?

Many thanks to Beartrap PR for passing this along and letting us review it and play a song from it on the show. Disagree, Agree or Hate my stupid words? Then leave a comment of email me brad@fatrobotradio.com

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