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“Everything changes, nothing stays the same”, is an untrue statement. Most things in life don’t change, life is a repetitive pattern we all know the boring ending to, all to well. The Woo Woo’s in “Home Movies” keep it from being a bit pedestrian. “Turn on the radio, it’s more of the same, you sing along anyway” , how goddamn true. “Madame Maby” has some nice haunting Kim Deal early pixies background vocal. “Nervous” probably best song but I’m gonna play “Madame Maby” because it shows off the bands strengths. “Barbara’s Bar” is a little too earnest for it’s own good. They seem too young to have dealt with an alcoholic girlfriend. Song seems to be about their mom. “Drifter” is exactly the kind of song everyone would write at that age about leaving home.

Six Songs.
Hey, it’s Bowling for Soup.
I remember this release, in that I remember this well played pop/punk music that’s a worn out genre. This is well played and easy to like, but it’s from a category of music I think I need a break from. If this apple gets anymore polished I’ll be able to see it’s core. See it’s core….Get it?

There was this kid I used to hang out with in High School, Kevin P. let’s call him. Some people would ask me why I would hang out with a smug, pretty boy asshole like him. Thing is he never really bothered me. I knew what he was and I could work within that frame work. What I couldn’t do was hang out with him and his brother at the same time. Know what I mean?

*This review was written by Brad Bugos, host of SLTM (the Podcast). When he says “Know what I mean” we think he actually thinks that people know or give a fuck about what he is talking about. He’s a nut.a real nut. Enjoy this review and then get a sandwich, we understand it’s sandwich time. Comment below or email brad@fatrobotradio.com

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