Bleep Bloop Bleep Blop Bloop!


Another exciting Episode of SLTM (the Podcast) is afoot and you’re welcome to tag along and fill your ear holes with delicious music sounds and laughter. Why who’s that driving that fancy machine over there? Could it be? Yep, it’s Tim Weirey, star of local dinner theater and rolaids pitch man in the 1980’s. What’s he doing here? Up to no good I bet, that scally wag. Well, sit back and relax it’s a long journey to the Valley, and luckily we’ve got new music on this Brand New Episode of SLTM (the Podcast).

Music in this Episode from:
Nuclear Power Pants
Six Finger Satellite
What Cheer Brigade

Gilbert Wynn, Local Champaign Musician and Artist talks to Brad about the new Smirnov CD PRIVET EARTH and about adding Bass to one of the What Cheer Brigade Tracks.

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