Black Birds Falling in Waves EP Music Review

Black Birds Falling in Waves EP Music Review

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Falling in Waves EP

very laid back, dreamy pop music. Kind of lulls you into a bit of a dream like summer day, floating on a cloud like state of being. I’ve got stuff to do, but let’s just lay here in the middle of this dandelion strewn field and watch the clouds float by. “Fuck Mr. Jenkins and the Schmelski report” you’ll yell out, laying on your back with a warm breeze slipping by you while Blackbirds plays in the headphones you have slightly askew on your head.

The second song “Minds” is a bit rocking. Nice to hear these boys bust out a bit with a touch of distant light thunder. While it’s only a couple of booms from some distant heat cloud, it is nice to hear on this EP that the band is capable of bringing up the rock a bit. Nice touches.

Song Number 3 “Maya” reminds me a bit of early, Barnstorm era, Joe Walsh. Like a hit of mid-seventies joint smoke, it’s not the same as if I was there taking a hit off that dooby, but I can get the faint remnants of it’s potency from the smoke flakes in the air. Another nice song, and a bit of a different approach for the band than the other songs, which is always nice to hear in a release.

Track Number 4 “Come back to Earth” is a winner as it encompasses all the bands strength’s into one song. A bit of dreamy shoe gaze, and some alternative rock to close it out with a bit a piano/keyboard oompah to finish it off.

The last song of the 5 song EP could be a song from Filter. It’s got the same kind of drawl and vibe of “Hey man, nice shot”. So if you like Filter or a poppier edged Nine Inch Nails you might like this. However, now that I said that, I’ll probably get tons of hate mail from NIN backers out there telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I hope I do, gosh and I hope they tell me my dick’s small and I can’t even screw. Yippee for me.

Well, whatever the case, give this a listen if you can by going to the bandcamp site below and then you tell me in the comments to this review how far off I was. Please and Tank you.

You can stream the whole release from hindsight records bandcamp site

This music review was written by Brad Bugos, contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com Listen to a Blackbirds song on SLTM (the Podcast) by entering their name in the search box. Thank you.

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