Austerity Program- Beyond Calculation- Music Review

Austerity Program- Beyond Calculation- Music Review


Austerity Program
Beyond Calculation
Controlled Burn Records

If you have ever found yourself wishing that Touch and Go Records still cranked out qaulity punk , hardcore and rock music, then maybe you need to keep your eyes on Controlled Burn Records. This is the second release on the label that I’m digging the hell out of , and one that makes me miss some of that old Chicago Hardcore/Punk rock.

Not miss it in a way that I wish those bands still put out music, but in a bit of a nostalgic bent with a smile on my face knowing that someone has taken up the torch. Run with that torch Austerity Program, Nonagon and Controlled Burn, run, like a motherfucker.

I don’t know how you don’t get into this, and the dude not dancing in the back of the room while the band is playing, cranking out their wad of industrial sized crack rock, needs to shove off or get down with it. There’s no avoiding that you are the sore thumb there buddy, get with the vibe and enjoy or go see Kajagoo goo down at the Staples Center.

I don’t know if the song order is mixed up because of my computer or if that’s the way it plays out, but it doesn’t matter to me since all the songs seem to fit just fine and nothing seems to bump the other by being in the wrong order.

“Song 33” is a favorite, love that fuzzed out slightly distorted bass laying out right there for all to hear, I can dig that vibe very much.

I know no one really gives a shit if I review their album or not, I’m sure no one was waiting with baited breath for me to talk about their album. Good or otherwise.

I believe I am getting jaded and bitter again. It’s that time of year for sure, but there are some things that are getting me down a bit, some of the same crap and some stuff with the podcasts I work very hard to put out.

However, with that being stated without ever being asked, I have to say that the one thing that does keep me moving along and putting the pills down is the opportunity to hear and talk about music like this release. I’m not being blow hardy or ass kissy, all I am saying is that music is really what helps me out of the ditch most of the time, and the opportunity to hear new stuff and think about it makes me step away from the bathtub full of razor blades, at least for a little bit.

Note to Controlled Burn records, if Rick Sims has a new band and he’s out there in all his lunatic rock fancy, strutting it up and you haven’t signed off on releasing his new band’s music , then I am very disappointed in you. Can’t you see you two were meant for each other?

I wrote myself a note about “Song 32” and it says “with Keyboard beat repeating splashing upside my brain like a theme song or music from a 1980’s video game”. What that means, and I wrote it, I have no fucking clue. But, this is how this music makes me feel, I’m about to get into a reference point and a band mention when I listen to this, but it slips away cause I get caught up in the beat and energy of the song.

So check this out, especially if you’re a sad sack clown of person like me, and you need something to keep you interested and away from the crack pipe.

Brad Bugos wrote this review, suspending from the ceiling in his father’s warehouse while wearing a diaper and chain smoking Kool’s. Agree?Disagree? Don’t care? Then leave some feedback or email brad@fatoroboradio.com . Do go check out Controlled Burn Records, they are pretty damn cool.

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