Aspiga – Among Giants Split 7 inch Music Review

Aspiga – Among Giants Split 7 inch Music Review


Aspiga/Among Giants Split 7 Inch

Two Songs each

Music Review by Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com or twitter.com/frankell45

Both Second songs are my favorites out of the four. Like “Old Hobbies” from Aspiga and “I care about everyone I meet” by Among Giants with the Among Giants my favorite cut. The first song by AG has some nice swing too it, kind of reminds me of Restorations, whom are wonderful. Like the horn parts or horn replica parts in “Old Hobbies” and the very catchy “Ba-aaa-aaby” hook.

This is exactly what bands should do in today’s crowded music market. Join up with another good band, and release a split 7 inch single showcasing their talents. Then offer that 7 inch for 5 dollars and you got a winning idea.

I’ve heard Among Giants before, enjoyed their music and played a song on the podcast, so I know I would already like these gents. I have heard of Aspiga, but had not a chance to give them a listen.

When there are only two songs, you can review the whole release, song by song, and you get a nice representation of each band. Sometimes that can work against a band, like when someone is enjoying their music and wants more, but this is like a sampler or taster plate. You slap it on your taste buds, think about it, do it again several times and if you like it, then you order the full meal. In this case you follow the links below and buy more Aspiga and Among Giants releases. At least go to their bandcamp pages or listen to SLTM (the Podcast) to hear for yourselves.

So Song #1 “Direction” by Aspiga. A nice pop punkish tune, about the two minute mark they kind of let the music drive the tune, giving it a bit of a nice ending push. Enjoyable.

Song #2 “Old Hobbies” by Aspiga. This is my favorite song of the two from this band, and a very close second to my favorite song on the split. Seems to be a sad kiss off to a relationship coming to an end. Like the end part with the guitar and the Howl, sounds to me like the person in the song has finally had enough. It’s got a nice hook there in the middle, and it’s good solid subject matter for a punk song. Good Stuff here.

Song #3 “In The Jungle” By Among Giants. On this song the band reminds me a bit of the Restorations. I like the pure kick in energy of the song when the band comes in. It offers a nice contrast in song styles from not only Aspiga, but the last song by Among Giants. Nice.

Song #4 – “I Care about Everyone I meet” by Among Giants. Sounds like the guy in this song is telling people in the scene that you don’t have to hate everyone else in the scene, have a bad life and hate your parents. When he’s saying “ I Care about Everyone I meet” he’s not just tossing around a cheap gimmick. He’s a normal , decently happy dude, who likes his parents. Why should he not be considered part of the scene just because some people hate everyone they meet? My favorite song of the split, and one of many reasons why I’ll keep following Among Giants hoping they make more music.

Good Split. Opened my ears up to Aspiga, and showed me more of why I like Among Giants and their music. Buy yourself a copy now.

Aspiga Bandcamp
Among Giants Bandcamp
Say-10 Records Order Page for the Vinyl

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