Secrets to a good relationship or How to maintain an erection

I said “Fuck” on the radio one time.It was back when I was working at WLKL 90 FM Lakeland College in Mattoon, IL. I was working a six hour shift at night, and my good buddy Marc Hendrill had stayed over from his shift to hang out. We started chatting on the air, telling stories, making up stuff to make us seem interesting. Then we put out a call for someone to bring us free food. We were poor...

The Dirty Feathers interview at Cowboy Monkey 8/12/2011

The Dirty Feathers are a local Champaign/Urbana rock group. Really one of the finest bands around. They recently gave away a two song CD at their Cowboy Monkey Show, We played “Death Trap” on Episode 117. We look forward to their CD release at Pygmalion Festival. Brad was able to stand and chat with Andrew Kling and Ted Faust of the Dirty Feathers about their Two Song CD, Upcoming plans for...

Rich Hall’s Donkey Ride to Hell

Hey how about this episode, I tell you about some books I’ve read recently or that I am in the process of reading? NO? You would rather hear me bitch about being treated unfairly by the man? No. Oh, I see you want me to make up some story about how Roy Firestone came to my house one Sunday for Football and how he got so upset that his Patriots lost that he vomited all over Jim Fregosi’s...

Secret Colours Full Interview from 8/12/2011

Below is the full interview we did with the Chicago Band Secret Colours. It was recorded outside at the Cowboy Monkey on August 12th 2011. They Opened up for the Dirty Feathers and sounded really good. The guitar playing was especially good, Dave can really play some great chords. My only complaint was that the microphone was tuned down a bit and I couldn’t hear the singing as well as I would like....

Pygmalion Festival to SLTM (The Podcast): “Drop Dead”

It came with some surprise and a little bit of shock this week that we here at SLTM (the Podcast) were told that we should not expect an invitation to the cool party. The Pygmalion Festival, which is held in Champaign/Urbana each year, features three nights of solid rock and roll. It has some big names, like Starfucker (Who are just amazing, I mean that last LP was brilliant) and some really good local...

Obscure 80′s Songs cure Herpes

There was a time in my life when I thought anything was possible. Want to own the Yankees? Easy just try harder and keep your goal in front of you. Do you want to grow a large penis? Easy, just exercise that baby and it will grow, grow, GROW. How about getting that foxy chick in Psych Class? Concentrate as hard as you can. See it, be it, Live it. Now that I’ve reached a certain age I realize, all...

I wanna fly, Fly, FLY! (“scream”) …the end!

In this episode you will not only hear lots of really good new music, but you will also hear for the First time ever Brad’s Karaoke song, “Turn Me Loose” by Loverboy. It’s not only spiritually uplifting, but if you listen closely you can hear women around the world tossing their panties onto the world wide stage. Good Stuff. “I’m going to pack my bags and FLY, FLY,...

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