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Our Darkest Days – A Common Agony – Music Review

Our Darkest Days A Common Agony bird attack records Well played, sung and harmonized rock candy. I don’t think you will want to eat the whole thing in one sitting, lots of calories, but it sure the hell is fun and a lot more exciting than kale or avecado bean dip. “Dying Flames” would be the song I would pick out as the single, it showcases all the bands strength’s. Sped up metal drumming must be a bitch to play, something that would take a toll on your arms and hands during a tour. I think it would be something I would be questioning towards the end of the tour. Maybe years of practice cut down on the sore arms? You would be more sweat than man after a show.(see how the drummer from Our Darkest Days responded to this question in our interview) The songs are damn fast. That’s what I’m getting at, but they still maintain a catchiness w/good harmonies. It’s hard to believe that this is their first release together. Sure these guys have played in other bands, but this being their first full length together is amazing, so tight and well played. Such polished head butting melodic fury isn’t quite this easy on a first release. Ask Jim Paul Jim. Plus these guys are Canadian. **Check out our interview with the band on sltmonkees.com . Brad Bugos wrote this review, he’s been around way too long, is a bit bitter that things didn’t work out better and hasn’t eaten all day. Contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com . Thank...

In Defence- Don’t fuck with the Dungeon Master – Music Review

In Defence Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master indefence.bandcamp.com Sounds like early Anthrax, early 80’s hardcore, metal. Love the high note bellow in the song “Dungeon Master” . Speed metal with a sense of humor. If you told me this was unearthed from the 1980’s, I would believe it except the clear crisp production makes it hard to believe it was from that era. “Grill or Be Grilled” is funny, enjoyed that a lot. A band with a sense of humor , where have they all gone? At least we have In Defence. It just sounds like they are having fun, which is something I think is missing in music, and hard rock/punk rock especially. Music tends toward the serious, and that’s fine but there needs to be some silly bullshit and sense of humor in the lyrics to wash out all the mud. Listen to some of these song titles “Tacos til Death”, “ADHDTV”, “Fun with Beer”. It’s like the metal I listened to in college, SOD, Anthrax, MOD, bands with some heavy rage but with a sarcastic sense of humor and a skewed way of looking at the world. Damn I forgot how much I missed it. Fast speed metal. I couldn’t have enjoyed his release more. It’s music and bands like this that I continue making SLTM (the Podcast) and writing music reviews. Sometimes I get bogged down and an overwhelming feeling comes over me when I get so much music, and some of its hard to listen to or talk about. It gets tedious and boring, but then stuff like this comes along, and it’s fun, well played speed metal like back in the old days and I find my faith and determination renewed. I absolutely love the tongue in cheek high pitched yell in “Don’t Fuck with the Dungeon Master”, motherfucker that’s pitch perfect. It recalls a memory and it makes me laugh. Let’s hope this band continues making music and that they realize what a breath of fresh air their music and humor is, I know I enjoyed listening to this release. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He has been reviewing music for over 25 years, and he tends to get bitter and angry at small tiny little things that don’t matter to anyone else. That’s why he only writes about six music reviews per run of episodes of SLTM (the Podcast). Some day he’s going to have a heart attack or stroke...

Broken Cross- Through Night to Light- Music Review

Broken Cross Through Light To Night Broken Cross Bandcamp Broken Cross Facebook El Duce had a son and he’s here to rule the Metal world. You would swear or at least I would, that it’s EL in the background of this first song, his ghostly voice floating out of the grave. “Poison of Insanity” is a seven minute song with a lot going on. Real good, really interesting. Lots of ideas floating around, breaking in and laying over. I like the “Uhh Yeah” in the background of “Foresaken Existence” . It’s the little things that set music apart for me. The production on this release should also get notice, along with the playing and song writing. If this were a standard metal release it would be too heavy, too muffled, but the way it’s layed out now, the drums off in another room, banging away, it works. If there was thickness it would ruin the songs , this way its more open and they breath. Dig the guitar solo in “Open the black hole”, now if this were another metal band that would not sound like it does. This band seems to understand that picking out the best parts of other bands or sounds that they like and using them regardless of if they fit the mold, works for them. “Poison of Insanity” , is that children laughing and playing or some sea gulls down at the shore , squawking in terror? Hard to tell. It’s the only song over five minutes, most are around three and a half. A good way to end the album too, put your magnus opiumus at the end. Leave a black print on your way out the window. All and all I would suggest this release to anyone who likes metal, who likes and misses El Duce (cause the singer does touch the great EL’s hood with his singing at times) and for whom life feels like an endless journey outside in the dark bleak cold to get a can of lager. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He uses Dave’s World the horrible TV sitcom to fall into a deep sleep every winter in hopes that he won’t wake up until baseball starts. Never works though, as his face and ass start to go numb and he has to get up to take a piss. Reviews are like a sandwich, someone once told me. You add to much mayo and the whole thing...

Geometers 4 Song EP – Music Review

Geometers 4 Song EP Jetsam Flotsam This may only be a taster of what Geometers sound like but these are four very strong songs. Plus you can get their full length Pay To Live which just came out in December of 2016 on Jetsam-Flotsam (a wonderful Chicago record label). While driving rock may be a bit of a standard indentifier and hardly descriptive enough for the band, it is an attack point to their design. It’s like we were going to a party out of town, and while you were fumbling around for the directions to Lamp Hill, you wanted something to drink and some rock to help you see. While those things are not necessary to the ability of your group to get to its destination, they sure as hell help you get loose and ready for your late night jog through the woods when the cops ultimately break up the party and you have to make a run for it. I can see us, a few drinks into the night, cops pulling up the lane, and we make a break for it. Nothing but our wits, some alcohol fueled stupidity and the song “Sidearm” looping through our skulls. As we stumble laughing through the woods, of which we know very little, the pace at which “Sidearm” breaks whipping through our minds helps us to keep pushing it until Keith finally picks us up three miles away by Fishers pond. “It was only that jackass Jeff Coogly with his dad’s flashing lights” he tells us as we get in the car heading back towards the party “not the cops”. And so as we go back to drink some more out in the country on a lane that only farmers use to sow their crops, we put Geometers back in the player, cursing Coogly’s dumb ass and thanking the drinking gods that we didn’t impale ourselves on a rock or stick while running like idiots. All the while the four song EP creeps into our subconscious for our next mad dash into oblivion. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He remembers well the times he spent out at Def Leppard Hill, Roach Road, Van Halen Valley and Three Bins. Times spent drinking, chasing girls and listening to rock and roll. He would have been cool with hearing this four song EP, especially in the place of Steve Millers Greatest Hits. Comments, opinions, problems? brad@fatrobotradio.com . Thank...

Sweet John Bloom – Weird Prayer- Music Review

Sweet John Bloom Weird Prayer Tiny Engines I like guitar work. Right amount of feedback. Well played. If you were on a road trip with this album, you wouldn’t be making many stops. In fact, if you did have to pee, the other people in the car would be circling the parking lot while you went into the chevron station. Stagnancy is complacency? I always like when a band bursts thru the door with a barn burner. I like how he has his dad muttering in the background on some of the songs. Not harmonies, but subtle reminders from the past. A gentle push. Fast changing guitar rock reminds me of Jay Bennets old band, Titanic Love Affair. But with better vocals and more gas in the tank. Therefore, more push on the throttle. For some reason I see Paul Westerberg touring as Grandpaboy with J. Mascis on guitar and SJB opening for them and them becoming fast friends with that unlikely creation, hanging out and going for milkshakes after each show. Guided by Voices. A current reference if I ever thought of one. Short snappy rock songs with amazing guitar licks. Listen to “Night Thing” and tell me that your fat dad didn’t chicken bone your thigh. ( I might have been sleep deprived when I wrote that in my note book, but that’s what it says). I was up and dancing like an idiot in my supply closet. The only drawback, like anything good, is that fifteen of anything might be a bit much in one sitting. However, I would rather they get it out in one heave, rather than saving it for tomorrow during brunch with the Ladies Auxiliary Club. **Brad Bugos wrote this review and he knows absolutely nothing about music. He asked me how come they don’t make eight tracks anymore. I mean, are you kidding? What the hell? And he’s allowed to write opinions on music and stuff. Whatever. More dumb , nonsensical reviews coming soon. brad@fatrobotradio.com if you...

See Through Dresses -End of Days- Music Review

See Through Dresses End of Days Tiny Engines When the first track came on, I thought maybe I was hearing a lost track from Veruca Salts first album. Wow dead on. Second song is a male vocal, driving space rock tune. I like the interplay of vox so far. “Everyman” says “wait til your father gets home” , I wonder if today’s mom’s still use that old chestnut? I never had to worry about that myself. Oh sure dad would yell at you when he got home, but he was just a figure head. We were more worried about mom’s instability than his hallow anger. All show. Six songs, they go by way too quick. That’s what you want in life. Leave them wanting. Don’t overstay your welcome. Speaking overstaying. I know I mention this above, but when I re-listened to this album, the female vocals kick in and it reminds me a lot of Veruca Salt. In the first song that the male singer….well sings, he reminds me of Frank Black. Lots of feelings about mom, dad , and family. Enjoyable pop music. “Drag Scene” sounds like a more in tune, less heavy Dinosaur Jr. Lots of different parts of the pop spectrum represented here. See Through Dresses **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He’s almost positive that Jimmy Carter shook his hand when he was a little boy. He’s not sure where it happened, but he’s positive it was him or at the very least his nice wife Rosaland. Anyway, Brad has dumb dreams, like being the head tree surgeon at a tree hospital, laughing at his own jokes, and unlimited rhubarb pie. He’s dumb. If you want you can contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com but I wouldn’t....

Adult Mom – Momentary Lapse of Happily – Music Review

Adult Mom Momentary Lapse of Happily Tiny Engines “I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed the snow” getting older always means enjoying things less and less, life seems to be more annoying than magical. What was once an occasion to play and build in the snow, has become a tiresome chore and a pain in the ass. Second song clinches it for me, but at the beginning I was feeling some Liz Phair vibes. That’s good I like liz’s music. The singer has a pleasing voice, and while it can be sing songy at times, that is never a problem or minus. It just seems that not all of us have a voice touched by Jebus. I would guess her to be in her early 30’s or late 20’s because you only speak of such things when you are still young enough to be swallowed up by regret and feel like you an do something about it. While Liz Phair was trying to identify with the parts of herself that felt like they had to be with someone otherwise she was unidentifiable. Adult mom seems to have just started the process of being alone and questioning herself and relationships with others. What that means and the feelings you have at say 28 and how they are different from first being in love and loss. She’s thinking a lot about this other person it must have been a significant relationship. Liz Phair jumped on the scene having thoughts of chasing men, and how that defined her, what she was in relation to men and what it meant to be a free open woman. Adult mom sings from the perspective of a love burnt out older woman wondering if just thinking about that person means anything and will anyone ever think about her? **incomprehensible shit, that’s what his college English professor said about everything he put to paper or computer. Nothings changed. So take this essay/review with a handful of air. Check out Adult mom on your own, and then you can say you found some quality music without the help of some know it all dick. Thanks brad@fatrobotradio.com...

Why+the+Wires- Flame Failures – Music Review

Why+the+wires Flame Failure jetsam-flotsam.com Like the sax. Reminds me at times of early replacements. The energy and fuck it all attitude. Only I don’t mean they don’t give a shit about the music. I mean the fuck it all attitude where your playing and it doesn’t matter where it’s going or how it’s going to end up, you’re just happy to be there creating. That’s enjoyable to listen too. Controlled brilliant cacaphonic beauty. I like the slow build at the beginning of “The arm will lead the way”. I like their energy, really I could play any song from this release. I like the way the band uses horns in their songs. “Paperbark Boston” has an engine go, turbo boost opening to it that I like. Would be a good band to see live, can feel the energy off this record. The horns would really open it up live. I will admit to tapping my toe to the beat. Reminds me a bit , a bit of Morphine. Also with a little bit of Tom Waits for flavor. I know I’ve said this before about why+the+wires, but I get good vibes from this release, and this band. I know why, at least why I dig it, its got swing and a beat. No really. It’s got a swinging swagger to it, driven by the punchy back beat. Plus this band is smart, they break into your room late at night, set up their instruments, then kick on the lights. Start rocking and swinging for a few minutes, get their gear and jump out the window into the lonely, cold, dark night. “What the hell was that? You ask. “ I don’t know but it kicked some rocking ass” you say to yourself wondering if what just happened was a beautiful dream where you’re in a small club, seeing a good band for the first time. You can almost smell the sweat when your dad comes running down the hall wondering what the clatter was. Just as he bursts in the door, you fake sleep with a knowing smile on your face. Real or not, you wish your alarm clock had that setting so you can wake up with a burst of energy and swang everyday. *This review was written by someone who thinks he’s clever, someone with limited musical ability, therefore his opinion’s are not only dumb, but a total waste of time. I mean, come on, he can’t...

No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed- Music Review

No Mercy Widespread Bloodshed (love runs red) Suicidal Records suicidaltendencies.com Ah someone loves SOD ( I found out that this is Mike from Suicidal Tendencies early band). Sweet. Sounds like they got a sense of humor too. Yes, nice combo. I’m enjoying this first song, takes me back. “We’re Evil” , they warned you didn’t they? I want to play the first track so bad, and maybe I will. I need to hear the rest of the release first. That first song is so much fucking fun. Speed metal, drums are beating a thousand miles a minute. People just don’t play this type of metal anymore, or at least I never hear it among the hundreds of releases I hear every year for this podcast. Even though this is a reissue, it sounds fresh, well if not fresh at least an old sound that doesn’t get played anymore. I chose the song (we played “Master of No Mercy” on episode 246) to play for three reasons: I like when a band works their name into a song title. It’s not done enough. The singer says “Alright” at the beginning, which is something I miss in songs. Finally, it’s a good song and I enjoy this release. I don’t know the history of this band, but I will. Reminds me a bit of early Prong, whom I love to this day. During my second round of listenings here is what I thought: the album opens with an old land line phone ringing. Ringing right out of the 1980’s. “Evils so good, Evil’s so mean” great lyrics from the first song. You know, back in the day, this kind of metal , a little speedy, a little thrashy, was all over the place. This release probably got lost in the shuffle. That’s why these reissues are important, not only as a document to a time period in our musical history, but also to remind us that good bands sometimes fall through the cracks. I miss people saying “All right” at the beginning of a song ( I know I mention this up at the beginning of this review, but it really did strike me as something that I missed and it must have been important for me to mention it twice). It would be cool or at least very interesting to see these bands get back together today and play these albums. It’s not only the style of the music and...

Godhunter – City of Dust – Music review

Godhunter City of DustGodhunter Bandcamp Coming on like “Vote with a Bullet” era Corrosion of Conformity. Metal bands seem to be the only ones touching on the subjects of social and world ills. Most other forms of music seem to be rather localized. The fall out from our government and their treatment of people like cattle? Metal. I’m going to have to get into the lyrics for the full review, which is coming soon. Some interesting subject matter here. Vocals work, throat shredding type but they are legible and clear, easy to understand. “Shooting down the Sun” sounds like a missing Monster Magnet track. “palace of thorn” has a nice cosmic, space rock vibe. Nice guitar work that bleeds into the next song. Not just a straight ahead metal band, a band with a conscience and some different directions to take their ideas. We, well, I, chose “Palace of thorn” to play but really the last three songs would be fine examples of this bands music. First song is six minutes plus. Doesn’t feel like it, moves along at a good pace. This album is like if COC started with IN THE ARMS OF GOD and then went slower and a little denser but still heavy and catchy for their next release. I wonder where the snippet of speech comes from that is used in some songs? This is really easy to listen to, hard not to like. “prepare for impact, prepare for war” “SNAKE OIL DEALER”, someone’s selling the old snake oil to the public. I wonder if the kids of today would still get that reference? Or is it one of those sayings that transcends generations? I don’t hear it anymore. Interesting nature sounds at the end of songs. “SHOOTING DOWN THE SUN”, who is this band now? Totally different direction, kind of a Chris Cornell solo song. “PALACE OF THORN”, could almost be a Melvins song. It’s got the grooves, a little more smudgey goodness and I could hear King Buzzo belting away. From “CITY OF DUST”, “Home is where the heart is, hell is where the home is”. I can relate to that, but probably not in the way they intended. *Cake, the food substance, is smarter than the idiot who wrote this review. However, that shouldn’t stop you from checking out a good heavy band like Godhunter. Maybe something stupid that was written here peaked your interest, and made you think about finding their...

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