Enslaved- The Sleeping Gods- Music Review

Enslaved The Sleeping Gods enslaved.no by norse Coming on like very few other heavy bands, especially those with the demonic growl or spit spewing demon choked hell vomit vocals, this band makes listening to this release a lot of fun. Not only fun in the fact that it’s good but also in the fact that it’s fun to find the next jog in the deserted overgrown road they might take. To simply put it in one category would be to doom this release, well not doom it cause a lot of people would like it if it was doom metal, to sitting in a bin with other less directional and talented bands. It’s way to interesting and flavored with so many smokey brines to play it only on doom metal night at the local cavern club. Sure some of this is your basic growling from the depths of dirt humanities flooding basement of filthy lies type of metal, its what the band creates outside of the vocals that really makes this one interesting to me. They could have just went the old doom route, peedling along bashing every god damn mail box in their way, fighting with the neighborhood dogs and spewing hate towards the porch covering unescapables. But they didn’t. They took their time to weave it all together, it’s like they actually give a shit about being able to present you your own nose right after they ripped it off your face. How did they do that? None of these songs ever seems overlong or wasted. It’s something that is lost on creative people sometimes, you see it all the time in the movies. Sure you have seventy minutes to fill on a compact disc, but you don’t need to fill all that. Things can breath, escape and flow but there is no reason to continuously pound your listeners over the head when your going the same direction for eight minutes. You should go to their web site and check out their bio, these guys have been together since 1991 and won four consecutive Norwegian Grammy’s. Interesting band, interesting contemporary extreme metal. I’ll be keeping an eye on this band as they seem to release music, sixteen things since their inception, and if you like extreme metal with a lot of points of interest and turns in the muddy dark path, then this band should have your attention. **Why review music? This is a classic example of...

ALARIC- End of Mirrors- Music Review

Alaric End of Mirrors Neurot Recordings Facebook.com/Alaric Why does Alaric stand out from the thousands of other bands that I hear through my podcast? This is the second time I have chosen to review one of their releases, both of them being full reviews. Why? Well let’s examine that, what does this band have that peaks my interest enough to sit down and write a music review. Wether you have written fifteen or a couple hundred or thousand like I have over these twenty nine years, it’s never easy to come up with things to say. So writing a full review really takes something from me, mostly because I’m dumb and I don’t know what to say. Let’s take “Wreckage” as an example. It’s slow dirgy blues number, heavy weighted metal pulling you down by the ankles into the black dirthy thickness of humanity gone sick and diseased. Or maybe that’s just something I’ve read into it and it’s really about having a paper route and one of the customers won’t pay you when they are supposed too. Point is? Well, it’s a really good song, with a distinct flavor of hopelessness that I enjoy, a fatal wiring in our human souls I look upon and feel comforted by. I think what really impresses me and makes me want to listen to this band in my own free time is that the music really fits a lot of how it is day to day, life and all that. Holy shit check out the Spinal Tap like break down towards end of “Mirrors”. What was I saying? Wait this isn’t some kind of stream of conscious thought piece, I can go back and look at what I said before. Why the hell am I still typing this? See, that’s what this music does for me. Not to say I’m floating on some kind of drug induced cloud playing hand ball against the closet door, its more of a state of rational, clear thinking. Or maybe I’m just some idiot sitting in his garage huffing copy toner. Hard to tell really. 1,2,3 Huff! Look, I know we are all fucked, its a bloody dirty mess out there. None of us make it out alive, most of us worse for the wear. However, there are those pockets of sublime escape that come along every now and then. They are short, very cramp spots in our universe but when they do open and...

Maradeen – Above the Horizon – Music Review

Maradeen Above the Horizon Maradeenband.com Hear their song “Living for the Weekend” on SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 267 “Living for the weekend” is a poppy charmer in the vein of Oregon’s Parson Red Heads and should be the first choice for the first single. Yeah, “Living for the Weekend” is a strong song for the band, good country beat, wonderful sweet harmonies. I would have lead off the album with this track. You can forgive it’s vacation commercial pretend importance. It’s not the bands fault if some company hijacks it some day for a commercial to promote their states tourism or sunshine product. “Lost in a dream” is just missing something, it’s a bit pedestrian in need of a dead hitchhiker or a plum fairy flying through the scene to give it a boost. Singer sounds a bit like a tired Kevin Thista. The Song “like a river” is what I imagine the offspring of the fellas in the legendary country group Alabama would sound like if they started their own band. Did he just say “Where did my jesus go”?”In “dealin with the devil”? Its not the song I would have put first, but that’s been mentioned above. Reminds me texturally of TPOH but only if Moe Berg didn’t have any of the teen angst. Alright, now that the album has sat with me for a few weeks, it’s time to put some new ears on this thing, which is something I recommend when reviewing a release. Our first impressions are always very primal and instinctive but I find that I flesh out my ideas better after repeated listens, then a break of a few weeks and another few listens. I do like the strings in the first song, nice touch. It helps break up a six minute plus song, but the song never feels laborious or extraneous. “living for the Weekend” is such a winner here . Just a good rambling down a country lane, beer in the back seat on a sunny spring day jaunty rocker. Good stuff. “Lost in a Dream” sounds like a different band, one that listened to a lot of 90’s pop music, and wondered what it would be like to be the Cranberries. “Back when the west was mine” reminds me of some great FM Rock radio I heard as a kid in the 1970’s. It would have fit perfect in between the Rolling Stones, and Steve Miller Band. It’s a...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 272

SLTM 272– Man, I wish I can say that I was one of those dancers in the Rico Suave Video Topic: Take the SLTM (the Podcast) listening quiz Music: Enslaved– (full review) I am going to have to do a full review of this release, as it has so many interesting elements to it. I need to dig deeper into it. Kukahi Lee– “War” has a B-52’s dancy funtime beat to it. I prefer the dance tracks, my advice for this artist would be to turn more towards his Prince side and away from the Right Said Fred and Gerardo. “hero” has a nice new romantic rockabilly flavor to it. “Edge of the World” is a nice Amy Winehouse ripoff. Conan Neutron and The Secret Friends– (full review coming soon)- Mixing parts of the Cramps, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and the good old get down and rock of The Diamond Pirite Company (a local 80’s band that could really get it on stage). Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends is the band in my re-imagining of a back yard party I went to in high school. Of course then it was just Steve Millers Greatest Hits on Cassette and some warm Red, white and blue beer, but in my remembrance of it there’s cold Pabst (after they solved the skunky beer flavor) and Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends are really tearing it up. When the cops show up, the band in defiance, turns up the volume and keeps rocking even as the cops are pushing aside horny teens and breaking apart the keg. I like my false memory better than what really happened. Fistula– a good friend of mine growing up, Chuck Shwickey, had a band called Ungrateful Bastard. They played a bunch at Chips Kettle while we were in high school. I saw them there five or six times before they broke up. Chuck’s dad was a raging alcoholic, and almost everyone of Chuck’s songs were about an abusive, psychotic, drunken Clown called Ultimate Fistula. While listening to this release, it brought back all those old memories. Every note, emotion and feeling that I got from Ungrateful Bastard. Life is like that isn’t it? A forgotten memory of a long ago friend who was brutally honest and emotionally fucked up. Music is a good trigger for that stuff. Even if sometimes we don’t want to remember it. I’m glad it came flooding back. “Negative” has some...

Dig Deeper Episode 5 – Nostalgia clouds your brain

I’ve got regrets, we all do but ordering that chicken sandwich in a diner in the middle of Alaska was one that tops my list. Oh boy was I sick, I mean like shitting out your esophagus sick. But now I’m better. So here is Episode five of Dig Deeper, in it we talk about nostalgia and if it clouds your judgement. Sure it does, I still think I’m going to marry Jan Brady. Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 5 [ 15:01 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 271

SLTM 271– How would you like to get paid to work out? Not bad, Huh? Topic– We examine the lyrics to the Warrior by Scandal featuring Patty Smythe Also Not Appearing on the Show: Abhorrent – Intransigence- Facebook.com/abhorrentdm What if governments were communicating in secret through Death Metal? That the singer is trained in a secret language like the Navajo people. Maybe this is how the world governments do it, having death metal vocalist filter information through grunts, low growled vocals and demonic declorations. Who would know? Could one of these bands be like a new wind talker? Think about it. I did and it freaks me out. Music: Red Hymns– Three song EP, I like how they are releasing their music, a three song EP each quarter to make up a full album. Good thinking. Fast rock, sounds better in your head phones than it does in the car stereo. I’m not sure how people younger than I listen to music, mostly I see them on their phone with either earbuds or regular “Can” headphones, so I imagine that they don’t listen to music on the radio anymore, or if they do its through their phone. I think you’ll really miss some of the power chords in this release if you don’t get the phones around your ears and just let it soak into your auditory nerves. Its got a bit of touchtone soar to it that almost makes listening to it in the open car a wasted effort. While scanning this release for thoughts, I was originally listening to it just on my lap top, but it was lacking something. So I put on my Cans and noticed that the fullness and small thrums of the bass were missing when I just had it on the laptop speakers. I recommend listening to this on a rainy day, a bit bored, a touch hungry and wanting to drift off into another time either in your life or this worlds. Says RIYL Deftones, and I can see that, just not as heavy or grease around the oil filter dirty as that band. Jael Bird Joseph– right off the bat I like this guys voice, it’s distinct without being over emotive. Instantly catchy and likable. “Memories of the night Song” would be a good song for an independent movie, especially a scene where the main character is driving away from something that has meant a thousand things to him/her and...

Dig Deeper Episode 4- Going Beserk

Welcome to episode four of Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry. I hope you have enjoyed the first two we posted. Oh? you haven’t listened to them? You think two old guys reminiscing about old nonsense you don’t care about is bullshit? You got us, it is. In this episode we discuss a comedy classic, the 1983 comedy starring John Candy GOING BESERK. Also John Candy did not co-write Canadian Bacon with Michael Moore. Candy has six writing credits on his resume. Most of them for SCTV. Finally, anyone who watches Going Beserk please let me know what the biker says to Candy on his way out of Moms. Thanks for listening. Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 4 [ 15:14 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 270

SLTM 270: Hello, this is some guy. And this is some other guy, and you’re listening to this podcast. (pause) this is a dumb bit. Topic: A unheard clip from Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, The Dog Poop Story Also Not Appearing on the Show: Ten East – SKYLINE PRESSURE- Small Stone – I’m not sure you want to start out your release with a thirteen minute plus instrumental. At least through the first three songs it is a trip down the same paved slightly, very slightly, bumpy wonk rock road. Free form jazz rock that you might anticipate seeing in some kind of Spinal Tap remake ripoff. You know what I’ve figured out what this music would work in, get this idea. I’m working on a video game about this lonely teenage kid who inherits this old rundown skate/theme park. He has to rebuild the park to its former glory all the while making deals with roaming bands of other skaters, fighting off bugs and wild animals, and figuring out who hes going to team up with a bunch of waster hesher skaters who squat at the park, concerned towns people who want to clean up the park for financial gain or cult leader (Singer Songwriter) Tim Caulfield and his followers. This would work as perfect music during the game. Music: Triathalon– Listening to this four song EP makes me feel sexy. I mean really sexy. I am not being facetious, sarcastic, or bombastic. The last time I felt this way was when I first heard Prince and then up to Sign O’ the Times. Sadly, and no matter how much I enjoyed the feeling, words and vibes, Prince and I were never talking the same lingo. He had so much sexuality and swagger, I have never had any of that. But with this release, I feel like the people in Triathalon get me. Sometimes I like to feel sexy, I like to look out and feel the waves coming over me. The top of that wave, pushing me ever higher even though I know that I don’t belong there. I am thankful for Prince and his music, such a glorious cache of it too, but Triathalon understand that feeling of being sexy when you just too damn afraid to be sexy with anyone else. Carcass– I don’t think that Carcass needs my help describing and talking about their music. So let me tell you what happened to...

Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 3

Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 3 In this episode, Cousin Barry and I talk about significant moments in our lives involving music. Barry tells a couple of great stories about his chance to see Guns N Roses and John Lennon’s death. While I disparage the wonderful name of Robert Palmer. Tune in, it’s a lot of fun. By the way the song in the opening is from a wonderful band that Barry suggested I check out called Peter, Bjorn and John. Here they are on youtube. Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 3 [ 13:41 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 269

SLTM (the podcast) Episode 269 : Turns out Chubby Checker is a real asshole Topic: Clip from Episode One of Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, a PhD in rock and roll defense Also Not Appearing on this show: The Night Watch – Boundaries – thenightwatch.bandcamp.com – thirty six minute track two years in the making- One song, thirty six minutes long, with viola or violin as the main instrument. Its almost like its the lead vocal. While it is technically one thirty six minute track, it’s more like several songs tied together like Prince’s Lovesext album. No, you know what this is like? Those Futurama movies. They were filmed as hour and a half, two hour movies, then cut up into episodes for Comedy Central to air. Point being, you could cut this up into several different tracks or leave it as a whole, works both ways. Music: Hypoluxo– I cant handle when people like me. It freaks me out and because of the low self esteem I harbour, I wonder what they are getting at. This release reminds me of the English new wave movement of the 80’s . Its as if the Psychedlic Furs had married Morrissey’s Sister. Then they played their own wedding with Nick Lowe on vocaling and Mc-ing. For reasons I am not smart enough to understand,I get a COME ON PILGRIM vibe from this release. As in “Jessie” all those failed relationships or at least that one that imploded, we wish we could have helped those people. Unfortunately it was doomed, and those people couldn’t be loved or helped. Valborg– at least for the first few songs, this is more atmospheric, creepy and disturbing than I expected. I figured they would break into the speed metal at some point, but so far it’s slow, creepy and spooky. Its the organ and guitar that set the mood. The vocals help but here its the musical partenership that creates the boundaries of worshipful solitude. “Sulfur Vitriolic Angel” has a great chorus of the damned background going “ohhh”; good song. Like the guitar solo too. The many voices that preach to you, a varied attack of voices to pass along and imbed the message is way more effective method than having that one dude shouting his beliefs and commands straight into your ear via those speakers at the drive in. The ones you used to clip onto your car, those are used to clip onto your...

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