SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 264


SLTM Episode 264: I finally figured out what Karma Chameleon is about. Pants

Topic: Here’s How Records give you more of what you want

Also Not Appearing on this episode: TreedeonLowest Level ReincarnationTreedeon.com or Treedeon Facebook first song is a normal heavy metal song, good but not a stand out. Second song this sounds like a totally different band like if Joan Jett had fronted Black Sabbath. On the third song we are back to the band in the first song, but both singers contribute. Plus the line “You’re boyfriend sucks dick in hell” with “Hell” repeated in a high scream is great. If I were to chose a song to play on this podcast it would be the tuanting heavy lick of “Wendigo”. “Lowest Level Reincarnation” is like that car packed full of acid heads going down the interstate. They get passed by as they plod along. Oh sure they are enjoying the “Trip” but it’s taking them forever to get to the Wisconsin Dells. Personally, I prefer songs like “Terrorcide” they have more zittsy weirdness and sprunk to them.

Apologies, I have none: In my estimation what keeps this from being an emotional front by some boyfriend, who is holding you hostage emotionally, is the talent, follow through and ideas of this band. Which just pisses me off, people with this kind of talent. Especially when they are younger than me. Hell I couldn’t even make a fist until I was fourteen. Also the emotional energy spent is way beyong my capacity anymore. Those kinds of feelings and the weight to carry them around and experience them are all way beyong my capacity as a human being. Sure when I was in my twenties, but now? Not a chance. Feeling anything close to this now would be unbearable and make it near impossible for me to even get out of bed. I’m glad all these receptors in my brain have burnt out so I can’t feel anymore.

Bardus: all of the songs up to “Haze” are jump in the car, hit the gas and let’s get to the party rockers. “Haze” has a “Super Unknown” riff along with a lets mellow out and have a smoke feel. It’s funny how music can call up certain memories. Sometimes without any clear connection. This album called up the memory of the RC Car I got when I was like ten years old. I asked for it for Christmas and drove that thing all over my house and outside in the garage. Well during that time my dad started a business at a old car dealership, he opened a car repair shop, with lots of room to run my RC car. It was great. Well one time I left the car up there, and when I went back some kid of an employee was playing with it and running it through the oil and dirt. When I went to play with it the next time it was ruined. I told my dad that that kid had ruined, and instead of asking his employee to replace my car he just said “Well you shouldn’t have left it up here”. I was devestated. I hadn’t thought about it for years until this album called up that painful memory. Other than that the music is good.

Counterfeit Jeans: the production sounds weird when it first starts out, like it was recorded in an empty store at the outlet mall. “No Desire” is catchy as hell and driving. There is a bit of Devo weirdness to them. I’m not sure how to qauntify that but I can feel it. Remember when you were younger and you and your best girl would go down to the Arco and listen to the local rock band play every Friday night? And every song they played was a get up and dance corker? Yeah, me too. The last song is a slower, drudgier mud slog. “Fairy Ring” is a Neil Young styled feedback distortion monster with some edgey vibes coming through the vocals with hits of power and push.

Christie Front Drive: Listening to these two songs I felt like I was transplanted back to College Rock Radio circa 1993. Holy Shit, how you get that sound today is mind boggling. More confusing to me is why you would want to sound like that today, but I guess it’s something different, and helps the band stand out from the pack. Not bad songs, just a surprising sound choice.

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