SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 263


SLTM Episode 263 – “I don’t care who you are, you don’t hug another man’s ass”

Topic: Five ways to end a workplace friendship


Also Not appearing on the show: Satan– atom by atom – damn these guys rip it up, sounding like a Nugent riffed metal band with coherent clear vocals. I was surprised by what this is rather than what I thought it was going to be. Seriously, its like a late 70’s BOC like band took their riffs and melded them with mid 80’s metal band with lyrics about evolution being at its peak and end and Satan. It’s a really good mix and it really works. Maybe I’m putting some of my own baggage into this but that’s what happens with these things. But what I’m getting out of this is that we as humans have evolved as far as we can, so this is what you get. So anyone righteous or who follows a godly path cannot expect the rest of us to better ourselves morally because this is where we are at as a society/civilization. So to them, even if we don’t worship evil we might as well, we are on the wrong side of their history. So far into this run of shows this is my favorite release. Phenomenal guitar work.

Gypsy Chief Goliath – “Gloomy Tombs”, really? That seems like a strange song title, maybe something you would see in a RL Stine book. The song is a slow dirgy mover with wah wah vocals and decent riffs, but “Gloomy Tombs”? “Odyssey” starts out with a Diver Down era Van Halen riff then screams with a heavy back beat and some weight to this machine. Not sure about the lyric “Killing yourself to live”, although the song has some nice parts to it but it really doesn’t need to be over eight minutes. Everything before he says “Somethin” (yes he does say that)is useless. That song is a lot like “Layla” in that the first part is okay, but most of the flavor is in the last bite. Kind of like a convenience store hotdog that has been on the warmer all night, it’s that last bite where all the flavors and feelings of the night have settled and you can taste it and savor all that it had to offer. Sad thing is, you can’t eat the last bite without the rest of the hotdog, well you can in “Layla”, I think Scorcesee proved that.

Maple Stave– (Full Review Soon)Six short songs, I wish there were more. Well when I say short, the last four songs are over four minutes, but it just seems to move along at such a nice clip that the six songs are gone before you are ready for them to leave. I do like the displayed anger in the last song, kind of a Snapcase vibe, check out “Call Sign Spider” after you hear the song we are going to play. Good stuff.

The Pinebox Boys– after the intro, which explains the feast of three arms, a song starts up that at first sounds like a Bob and Tom parody song. However, the song does get swinging in the middle. There is a narrative story in between songs about a young boy looking to avenge the death of this three armed mother. This reminds me of when a person is good at writing, say like Stephen King, and they try to crossover into rock music. It’s not like its bad or not worth listening to but you just feel like that persons strengths lie somewhere else. Like if Rob Zombie started writing horror novels, yeah they would be pretty good, but not as good as something H.P. Lovecraft would do a century ago. Not saying he shouldn’t do it, but just understand how it will turn out and don’t expect too much. “The Devil played fetch with a dog named death”, really? Those might be the worst lyrics I have ever heard. Just too hokey for me. Luke warm country songs with fiddle and banjo thrown in to make it sound old timey. Songs and story are not strong enough to pull it off, but I do appreciate the effort. “Meet the wife” has to be a joke song, because it’s horrible like another Bob and Tom parody song, nice try but it’s not working. This is horrible, no one would undertake this if they knew the chicken soup ending.

Peaer – (full Review soon) – I do like the guitar sound on this release. Sometimes I’ve noticed when bands get this sound, a kind of chiming perpendicular buzzsaw with the safety guard but it’s starting to come off sound, they tend to make it thin and a bit over distorted, Peaer mixes it right. “Third Law” has some nice harmonies, very well used, right emotional heft and completely integral to the feel of the song.

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