SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 262


Episode 262: I’m a Comedy Porcupine

Topic: How to Seal The Deal

Also not Appearing on the show: Unsacred- Falselight -Forcefield Records- forcefieldrecords.org or unsacred.bandcamp.com-“idle” The Second song, starts out with a nice heavy groove but then dissolves into speed metal. With scream distorted vocals. “Erode” is another good song, got a nice swing to it at the beginning and end. Some harmonized demon throat vocalizing . So far the songs all under three minutes. That’s always a plus, like a good comedy being under 90 minutes, you can never go wrong leaving them wanting more. I do like the down tune riff on “Void II”, although this band never stays in one place or one riff for too long. 7 songs is just right. Finally in the sixth song I can make out a line of the lyrics. In “Sun” I hear “ Look what you’ve done”. I wish I knew what that meant or why the singer is pointing it out in such a clear voice. Although I get the feeling that with this type of shred, speed metal the word score is secondary or even thirdary to the weight and push of the vocal sound. If you like really fast speed metal with some good riffs that get tossed off quickly with shreded vocals, then this is for you.

Music on Episode 262:

Puddle Splasher– “Decent Thoughts” is a killer, such a great tune. There is an emotional heft to the first song. Some bands just have that charateristic, where it just seems to pour out effortlessly from their skin. We’ll see if that holds true for the album. Well the second song holds onto it nicely. I don’t think you can fake a feeling like that, of course we are only two songs into it. On “No Leaves” the emotional weight is there , but the sounds are bouncy and upbeat. It still carries that weight because of the secret rendevous between an excited nervous lover and the one who will never show up. On “Healing Problems” we find out that this poor son of a bitch is living in a broken home and that things are so bad even his imaginary friends don’t want anything to do with him. The singer has such an expressive voice it really helps sell these songs.

Orange Goblin– a good solid rock band that’s been around for a while that continues to put out rock music you would like. They could tour, and probably have, with COC, Metallica, Motorhead, and the like. They would fit on that bill nicely. It’s hard to describe a band who continuously puts out good solid rock, blues rock and metal music. It would be like describing Motorhead to someone whenever a new album came out, it just is, and you need to hear it. “Devils Whip” is a nice fast rocker. If you like your rock mixed with dirty blues, and trucker speed then this band is for you. Can’t go wrong with a band that continues to put out solid well played rock.

Proteens– (Full Review Soon)Coming on like weens poppier more whimsical brother. At least this far into the album. Listening to “Puberty” I feel ten years old again putting on my skates at Skateland. Once I get on the rink, while smashing into my buddies and laughing I notice a cute girl in front of me, so I try to pass by her real fast and make a quick turn only to fall flat on my ass looking like a stupid clown for all to see.

Countdown– Old school hardcore speed metal. “Delusions” could be about haters talking about the band or an ex girlfriend who never liked your friends and thought you were wasting your time with that band. “It Haunts” has a nice breakdown which doesn’t immediately go back to the raw punching fury. A short four song demo. Sadly this band broke up in August while on tour. These are demo recordings. Interesting to hear, to bad we won’t see where they were heading, but not essential to your collection.

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