Crom Dobh – Heimweh – Music Review


Crom Dobh
Van Records

This album starts off like a cut from a Soundgarden album, “Mind Riot” or “Searching with my good eye closed”. The guitar work in “Kings II” is phenomenal, its just a good overall song. It’s driving rock with sonic guitar licks and barely legible vocals. Throat graveling vocals. Drums are low in the mix. Usually with metal that is heavier, the drums are loud but these sound almost thin.

“The invulnerable Tide” has a nice slow groove. Vocals prove to be a valuable tool on this song. Adds the right atmosphere. Kind of sullen creepiness. “Kings II” (And We Ride) would be a perfect song for a Nordic horse saga, and WE RIDE!!

The guitar at the end of “Sedation” is so damn good.

Sure the songs are long, something that will bug or dismay those who want their music in tight little bundles, but if you were attracted to brutal metal in the first place, and this band, that is not something you’re going to give three shits about. What matters most in those types of songs, and the bands that play them, in my opinion is that it moves. What you don’t want is for your conveyance to slow down, picking up crud and muck from the road. You signed on for a brutal, fast, out of control plunge into the darkness, not a joy ride through the woods. This is clipping, and you’re not even sure you can make out scenery as you go by.

Yeah, “The invulnerable tide” is a standout track for me, it’s got such a great heavy groove to it. It doesn’t seem like six minutes and thirty seven seconds when you listen to it, and if you do listen to it with earbuds or headphones you get such a close immediate feel.

It’s not such an easy thing to have heavy guitars pulling a song along at a nice pace, I’ve seen it over done too many times, so a big tip of the hat to crom dobh for putting it out front and letting it get there in fine measure.

I also like how during the solo for “Sedition” the band jacks it up a bit, there’s a growl like someone fell out of the vehicle, but the band just keeps moving, ala bet a bit faster than before but still taking their time to get their.

**Brad Bugos wrote this review. What gives him the right? Nothing really, although he does spend his own money putting out a three podcasts, having a website and putting snotty things on twitter. Plus he likes to talk about music and he’s lonely. So very, very lonely. Why the last time he had a really good friend was third grade when him and Butch Carseed was good buddies. But hell, its all dark now. So dark. Email with Opinions or thoughts on this review brad@fatrobotradio.com Thanks and good luck.***

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