Our Darkest Days – A Common Agony – Music Review


Our Darkest Days
A Common Agony
bird attack records

Well played, sung and harmonized rock candy. I don’t think you will want to eat the whole thing in one sitting, lots of calories, but it sure the hell is fun and a lot more exciting than kale or avecado bean dip.

“Dying Flames” would be the song I would pick out as the single, it showcases all the bands strength’s.

Sped up metal drumming must be a bitch to play, something that would take a toll on your arms and hands during a tour. I think it would be something I would be questioning towards the end of the tour. Maybe years of practice cut down on the sore arms? You would be more sweat than man after a show.(see how the drummer from Our Darkest Days responded to this question in our interview)

The songs are damn fast. That’s what I’m getting at, but they still maintain a catchiness w/good harmonies.

It’s hard to believe that this is their first release together. Sure these guys have played in other bands, but this being their first full length together is amazing, so tight and well played. Such polished head butting melodic fury isn’t quite this easy on a first release. Ask Jim Paul Jim. Plus these guys are Canadian.

**Check out our interview with the band on sltmonkees.com . Brad Bugos wrote this review, he’s been around way too long, is a bit bitter that things didn’t work out better and hasn’t eaten all day. Contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com . Thank you**

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