SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 259


SLTM 259: Here’s Something I’ve always wanted to do….punch a yak!

Also not appearing on the Show: IIVIIColony – this takes a very long time at the beginning to get anywhere, and then it’s not really that excited about making the trip any faster. For an eleven minute song, it doesn’t start to get louder or anything really until about nine minutes in. I don’t get. I think I might be too damn dumb for this one. It sounds like a soundtrack to a 1980’s movie thats about the future and the future is bleak man. Bleak. I wonder if this is for some movie, its very atmospheric using lots of keyboards. Outer space, dark, unforgiving and uncharted. These are the voyages of the people who did not come back, but damn did they have a rocking band, and man did they funnel that lonely dark into some dizzying songs. Resonantiivii.com


Burnt Books– Singer starts off in the first song sounding like Maynard from Tool. Then shifts into an anguished cry/scream on the next song. I would put this band on the Touch and Go Records label if they were around back in the 1980’s. Harcore-ish Jesus Lizard . “I can’t escape my brain, I can’t stop thinking” , wow a kindred spirit. I was having a discussion on this topic just a few nights ago coming home from the Dean Ween Group show in St. Louis. Tiny Tim and Ms. Vicki had a baby and he’s quivering all over “La Rosa”. Where the hell did that come from? Sings on that song like he’s a injured, angry person on the verge of killing himself after yelling out the window to a betrayer who is leaving.

Henrietta– (full review soon) Heartfelt and Genuine. How does one band manage that where so many others fail? Maybe they are genuinely being genuine. There was a great pop band from Chicago in the 1980’s, early 1990’s by the name of the Slugs. Their lead singer Dag must have had children, I don’t know, but the singer from Henrietta could be his son. They sound very similar. There is a underlying melancholy to this music, a melancholy that in my younger years would have caused me to question if I really wanted to be here and why I had fuckered everything up. Now I don’t care.

The Lovely Days– If the Hoodoo Gurus had grown up in the 1990’s listening to the Posies, Steely Dan and Jellyfish. Good Poppy Fun, maybe we don’t have to all be miserable bastards. I hear more Donald Fagen and Steely Dan than anything else. Cool with me. Do you remember the episode of the Partridge Family when they Toured with Steely Dan in the south? Mishaps a plenty, and one gig Keith was detained by groupies and Donald Fagen had to sit in with the Patridge Family ? Well this is what that would sound like if they released music from that adventure.

Humours– more driving rock music than metal. That is not a slam against the band, just a starting point. If Queensryche had never recorded and released OPERATION MINDCRIME, but had just formed the band and were releasing that album now after listening to a bunch of Farflung records. Singer is channeling early Sabbath Ozzie in “Bridesmaid”. I think now, with a second and third listen that the singer sounds less like Ozzy except in the first song faintly and only because it’s slower and calls for less punch. More trippy or hints of trippy than stoner. Just a good solid rock band.

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