SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 258


SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 258 : The Best things in life for you, are me.

Topic: The Lady in the Phillip Bailey/Phil Collins song “Easy Lover” was a total Tramp

Music on Episode 258:

In Defence: Full Music Review Coming Soon. Sounds like early Anthrax, early 80’s hardcore, metal. Love the high note bellow in the song “Dungeon Master” . Speed metal with a sense of humor. If you told me this was unearthed from the 1980’s, I would believe it except the clear crisp production makes it hard to believe it was from that era. “Grill or Be Grilled” is funny, enjoyed that a lot. A band with a sense of humor , where have they all gone? At least we have In Defence.

Body Origami – Three songs. Slow building pop music. Just don’t hear this kind of stuff much anymore. At least I don’t and I hear a ton of music every year because of this show. Nice to hear something different. Dreamy, almost soothing. Last song is five plus minutes. Let’s see if they can sustain this mood for that long. Hey they did it. I gonna have to give this quick EP another run through.

Daniel G. Harman – Nick Cave and the Flaming Lips had a baby who grew up listening to Sun Kil Moon, Wilco and Red House Painters while cultivating a beautiful man voice. Okay his voice is not that beautiful, more quavering, coward in the bushes singing to his lovely than Dirk Stackhouse in They Draw Quick, Don’t They? At one point while listening to this, I got a strong “I’m so Worried” by Monty Python vibe. The quavering voice can get a bit Lane Mundy if you know what I mean, it’s nice and different but a little variety would better serve his music. I like the backing vocals on “Zocalo” . Haunting. I don’t notice the vocal inflection on the harder songs. Middle of the road, acoustic pop music.

He Whose Ox is gored– so far it’s heavy music with some shake to it. The Cult as a heavier band but without Ian Astbury immitating Jim Morrison while peacocking around the stage like Elvis’ illegitimate kid. The Singer yell sings , which is markedly different from growling or screeching. Faith No More without the goofy charm , sense of absurd humor or Mike Patton. More straight ahead with some flourishes and longer songs. “Alpha” starts off as a dreamy pop song with female vocals. Then gets heavy. “Magazina” sounds like Perry Ferrel shouting down from a balcony over a less playful Jane’s Addiction. As if Perry was fronting RITUAL DE LO HABITUAL era Jane’s with Roddy Bottom on keyboards.

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