SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 257


SLTM Episode 257 – What are you doing here? Watching you poop.

Topic- Clips from an October Interview with Lost Empires

Music On Episode 257:

Lake Ruth – Cold Play with pleasing female vocals. There are worse things than writing cotton candy for your ears. A lot of things. Songs kind of roll by without much notice. A pleasing sunny afternoon, that as you get older you really soak in and look forward too, but as a kid or young person you can only take so much of. I find this nice pop music to be a little too much for me to take in, oh sure a few songs of it, but I’m a miserable bastard, so it’s tough. We could have chosen any song from the album to play, all pretty representative of their sound. As if the Archies were fronted by a woman after hotdog was hit by a car. You don’t need a band for this type of music, an acoustic guitar or backing tape would work as well.

Crom Dobh: (Full Review Soon) album start off like a cut from a Soundgarden album, “Mind Riot” or “Searching with my good eye closed”. The guitar work in “Kings II” is phenominal, its just a good overall song. It’s driving rock with sonic guitar licks and barely legible vocals. Throat graveling vocals. Drums are low in the mix. Usually with metal that is heavier, the drums are loud but these sound almost thin. “the invulnerable” has a nice slow groove. Vocals prove to be a valuable tool on this song. Adds the right atmosphere. Kind of sullen creepiness. “Kings II” (And We Ride) would be a perfect song for a nordic horse saga, and WE RIDE!! guitar at the end of “Sedation” is so damn good.

Aree and the Pure Heart – John Caferty and the Beaver Brown band are back in town for one night only. A bit too earnest for it’s own good. Sounds like the music that the Assasins would write and play behind Gigi in Dennis Leary’s unfunny, trite piece of crap TV show Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll. That show is not funny and I like Dennis Leary. This release is like Rod Stewart as a twenty year old writing songs too get into girls pants. All style no substance. I wish this was a joke release, the guy has a good voice but the songs are just trite bullshit.

Connissuer – two short twenty five seconds songs right in the beginning. Intense and short. Not a normal stop gap bit or song but a message delivered with intensity and precision. They went from a sped up hardcore band to a slow sludgey death metal band in a couple of songs. Then onto some sped up screamed metal with songs at 1:13, :25, :14. “Fuck you sweet Buddie” made me laugh, must be an inside joke. We could play those first two twenty five second songs I mentioned before and it represent only part of their sound. Those songs are my favorite but “Orc Summer” which we are playing here on the show, has a lot to offer too.

Also not appearing on this episode: LIKMass Funeral Evocation – Speedy doom metal. All right, I’m paying attention. “Murder,death, hate, kill.” For speedy metal with screamed, throat shredding vocals, this is really rather harmonic and catchy. Well played too. I hope you’ll check this out, I was really prepared to just let this fly by and throw down a few words about metal, heaviness, and doom, but this really does rock, it’s got some kick ass licks too it. Highly recommended for those that like heavier metal, black metal but with some kick and some great rock licks and some very melodic and well tuned vocals. Could not have been more surprised or happy about hearing this music. I would listen to this again, like I said, its heavy but it moves. Facebook.com/LIKofficial

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