SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 256


SLTM Episode 256: I wish dad was still dead

Also not appearing on the Show- AtriarchAn Unending Pathway -while away the hours painting that boat or just sitting out in your hammock, with Atriarch, you can find that peace of mind and solitude. Put your MP3 player in your ears or share with the neighborhood, no one will bother you after the doom and cluster fantasmo gram of black death permiates the air. If all you ever did was sit on your garage roof picking at your scabs and waiting for a crow to land on a nearby tree branch so you could huck a rock at him, then atmospheric doom rock maybe be the perfect aura for your sitting. Also in turn, if your washing the car and you enjoy heavy doom metal then why not give those punks who ride by on their bicycles something to think about.


Muncie Girls– You Will like this if you are a fan of Broadcaster, we here at the podcast are. Same king of poppy rock songs, but these have female lead vocals. “Gone with the wind” is a bouncy corker. I like the fact that the singers accent flavors the singing. This band would be better with an EP, the longer format doesn’t work to their strengths, the music kind be a bit samey sounding. If I were them, and had their clear talent, I would release an EP every six to ten months with four or five songs. At times they call to mind Superchunk. “My Loneliness is in remission” I wish that were true.

Maestus– starts off with a 21 minute song. That takes some hutzpah. And it doesn’t come out kicking and screaming , bashing and burning. Oh no , it’s got haunting female vocals, and very light piano plus some strings. Odd choice, but let’s see where this album goes. If I went to the church of the never asking god, this would be one of their hymns. “Tears of Sky” is just some noodling about on a church organ for 3:28. I don’t get this release.
“Algid Lungs” is a good half song. No need for the first three or four minutes. After Bonnie Tyler piano breakdown it’s a good song. The last four songs are part of a cycle that lasts thirty one minutes.

John Thayer – dancey, upbeat, power pop music. Well polished, played and produced. First song sounds like a song I would hear on Christian Rock Station. “The Beatles, Manson, and Girls you will never know” quite astute, liked the lyrics on “Not Afraid”. Those things you once found frightening, wether they be real bogey men like Manson, figurative like the Beatles (our band could never be that good so why even try) or imaginative like the girls. They don’t really effect us unless we want them too. Guy loses me on the fourth song. Its a bit warmed over and dull. Last track would be good over ending movies credits.

Aeon– growled but legible. A gut punch to god right off the bat. “Your lord is dead, and you know he is gone” . He does say lord but I get the feeling he’s talking about the christian god. He mentions that no can die and rise again. So I’m inclined to think of Jesus/God. Another song , “Speaking in Tongues, you make me sick” and “You’re pathetic god, Jesus Christ.” yep they don’t like Christianity. Riffs are good. Vocals nice and clear. They not only hate religion it seems but the idea of God/Jesus. At least they are consistent with their message.

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