Sweet John Bloom – Weird Prayer- Music Review


Sweet John Bloom
Weird Prayer
Tiny Engines

I like guitar work. Right amount of feedback. Well played. If you were on a road trip with this album, you wouldn’t be making many stops. In fact, if you did have to pee, the other people in the car would be circling the parking lot while you went into the chevron station. Stagnancy is complacency?

I always like when a band bursts thru the door with a barn burner.

I like how he has his dad muttering in the background on some of the songs. Not harmonies, but subtle reminders from the past. A gentle push.

Fast changing guitar rock reminds me of Jay Bennets old band, Titanic Love Affair. But with better vocals and more gas in the tank. Therefore, more push on the throttle.

For some reason I see Paul Westerberg touring as Grandpaboy with J. Mascis on guitar and SJB opening for them and them becoming fast friends with that unlikely creation, hanging out and going for milkshakes after each show.

Guided by Voices. A current reference if I ever thought of one. Short snappy rock songs with amazing guitar licks.

Listen to “Night Thing” and tell me that your fat dad didn’t chicken bone your thigh. ( I might have been sleep deprived when I wrote that in my note book, but that’s what it says). I was up and dancing like an idiot in my supply closet.

The only drawback, like anything good, is that fifteen of anything might be a bit much in one sitting. However, I would rather they get it out in one heave, rather than saving it for tomorrow during brunch with the Ladies Auxiliary Club.

**Brad Bugos wrote this review and he knows absolutely nothing about music. He asked me how come they don’t make eight tracks anymore. I mean, are you kidding? What the hell? And he’s allowed to write opinions on music and stuff. Whatever. More dumb , nonsensical reviews coming soon. brad@fatrobotradio.com if you care**

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