See Through Dresses -End of Days- Music Review


See Through Dresses
End of Days
Tiny Engines

When the first track came on, I thought maybe I was hearing a lost track from Veruca Salts first album. Wow dead on. Second song is a male vocal, driving space rock tune. I like the interplay of vox so far.

“Everyman” says “wait til your father gets home” , I wonder if today’s mom’s still use that old chestnut? I never had to worry about that myself. Oh sure dad would yell at you when he got home, but he was just a figure head. We were more worried about mom’s instability than his hallow anger. All show.

Six songs, they go by way too quick. That’s what you want in life. Leave them wanting. Don’t overstay your welcome. Speaking overstaying.

I know I mention this above, but when I re-listened to this album, the female vocals kick in and it reminds me a lot of Veruca Salt.

In the first song that the male singer….well sings, he reminds me of Frank Black.

Lots of feelings about mom, dad , and family. Enjoyable pop music.

“Drag Scene” sounds like a more in tune, less heavy Dinosaur Jr. Lots of different parts of the pop spectrum represented here.

See Through Dresses

**Brad Bugos wrote this review. He’s almost positive that Jimmy Carter shook his hand when he was a little boy. He’s not sure where it happened, but he’s positive it was him or at the very least his nice wife Rosaland. Anyway, Brad has dumb dreams, like being the head tree surgeon at a tree hospital, laughing at his own jokes, and unlimited rhubarb pie. He’s dumb. If you want you can contact him at brad@fatrobotradio.com but I wouldn’t. **

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