Joe Piscopo almost ate my sandwich


It was laying there on the craft services table, and it was clearly my sandwich. It was during the 1988 movie Dead Heat. I was a extra on that shoot, well at the start I was but you can see me in the scene at the clinic asking for some files in the background. Mr. Piscopo was always walking around trying to get the crew to laugh, jamming sandwiches into his mouth and doing spit takes with the Hawaiian Punch. It was a loose crew, and a fun shoot until the son of a bitch took my sandwich and tried to stuff the thing in his mouth. Now as an extra, your given a per diem, or a nice spread on the table that you can get a sandwich from after the “stars” are done.

What happened next probably got me kicked out of Hollywood forever, I slapped Mr. Piscopo on the hand and demanded my sandwich back. He acted like it was part of the bit, but I knew he was mad. I was up for a part on Sidekicks, the Chuck Norris movie, but I know that Joe Piscopo was the one who nixed my getting the part of “Business Man”. I will never forgive him for that petty gesture. I don’t know where he is now, I think Mr. Piscopo died of cancer a couple years back.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 141 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music:
The Love Below
A Whisper in the Noise
Crescent Shield
Des Ark

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