Steve Shiffman & The Land of No “Everlasting Sun” EP review

Steve Shiffman & The Land of No “Everlasting Sun” EP review

Steve Shiffman & The Land of No

Steve Shiffman & The Land of NoEVERLASTING NO EP – Bandcamp Site
Music Review by Brad Bugos (brad@fatrobotradio.com)

This EP is way too short, let’s start there. It’s only three songs, and as nice as it is to see a band not overdue it on a EP, this one could have used another song or two. The band has a nice groove working and then it’s over. What a shame.

The first song really jumps out the window at ya. Right off the bat you can hear the bands strengths. It’s nice too, because they don’t take that change in the middle like most bands would by upping the tempo and going into overdrive mode. Nice restraint, most bands could not pull that off like this band does, it’s very welcome. It’s a nice mood-tempo song and jumping off at that point to rev up the engine would totally ruin it.

The second song? Well, now here is the flavor, the little extra kick. See this band knows what the fuck it’s doing. I love the scream there “Runnin’ Around”, nice touch. This up beat number, about someone telling the other person in the relationship that they did them a favor by dragging them down and running around. I believe most people have heard that nonsense. “I had to fuck that chick baby, it’s for your own good”. It’s a catchy tune, a nice middle tune. I like the fuzz and distortion at the end too, a nice touch that I think some bands would just drive into the ground for the whole song. One of the hallmarks of a good band, in my opinion is the ability to know when to edit. Don’t drag out a good thing or a song when you can end it leaving the listener wanting more. Serves well on this song and really the whole EP.

Song Three is just a good straight ahead pop/rock song. There is a nice longing in the vocals on this song. I like the waving guitar that finishes out the song, the way some songs should end but never do (why? because we have to repeat the chorus fifteen times so you remember the name of the song when you hear it on the radio. that’s why!). This solid pop/rock song carries out the EP with a nice flourish, a little instrumental interlude to finish out a fine EP.

I would highly recommend listening to this full EP on their bandcamp site and then buying it for $2.97. I think the band has a full LP coming out this summer, keep an eye on Later Records and The Steve Shiffman website for more. Can’t wait to hear a full LP from this band, they can pull it off because they got the songwriting skills and chops to pull to do it. Get behind a good band, check out the new EP EVERLASTING SUN from Steve Shiffman and the Land of NO

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