He got me in my franks and beans!


I tuned into the Rick and Chick Morning show on 97FM the other day to hear this exchange:

Rick “So, I was shaving my balls the other day”
Chick “Oh boy, weed whacker or putty knife”
Rick “Neither, I like the feel of the Norelco 950 Extreme, close shave, balls are happy”
Chick “I’m glad to see that you’ve done something to that Gorilla Salad down there, might make your pepe look bigger too”
Rick “Easy now”

*Much laughter and joshing*
Now, the thing is, this show and the station it was on went under about seven years ago. It wasn’t on the radio, it was in my brain. You see, I’ve fathomed a complete radio station in my mind with a morning show, afternoon drive and overnight jock. Sad part is, no one will buy my idea for this incredibly crappy, formalic shit-com. Their loss.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 136 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music:
Museum Mouth
Sleep Walker
The Right Now
Buck Satan and 666 Shooters

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