Museum Mouth – Sexy but not happy Music Review

Museum Mouth – Sexy but not happy Music Review

Museum Mouth LP

Museum Mouth SEXY BUT NOT HAPPYBandcamp free download– Music Review by Brad Bugos

First off, and maybe most importantly, you can download this LP for free on the bands bandcamp site (link above and below). Why is that important? Well, it’s free music. Second, it shows that the band is confident in their music and their message. They can give it away for free because they know the music is good enough to spread around. I like that, it’s a nice tip of the cap to their potential fans and their confidence in their material.

There are a few gems on this LP, good solid pop/rock songs. There are two radio friendly singles (if that term still applied to anything but college radio stations). “Sexy but not happy” is a jaunty little tune, a little bouncy and fun, even if the message seems to be one of loss and forlorn. “Blood Mountain” is the other single, really nice guitar work, the vocal distortion (which I will get to in a minute) really works for this song. Another song of loss and regret? sounds like it, but the nice thing about this album and it’s different tempos and ideas is that the sadness of the subject(s) doesn’t overtake the overall pleasure in listening to the LP. At no point did I think “Get over it already, the time to whine is over” like I do with some bands/artists who write love and loss songs. It’s never over powering or cumbersome.

Song 6, “Certain Doom” might be my favorite, I like the low bass and the easy beat of the drum. The vocal interplay is a nice touch too, a little melancholy but not over-rot . The subject of the song seems to be relaying that even though he got dumped by the love of his life, it’s okay, he wanted to be single anyway. I don’t believe him, but it’s a nice sentiment and the first step to mending a broken heart.

Now onto the one thing that rubbed me a bit on this LP. It’s the only thing that I didn’t like about it. It’s the vocal distortion on all of the songs. Now some of the songs, especially the upbeat numbers, are guilty of using it more. It’s unnecessary and a bit off putting in places. It doesn’t need to be used. Sure the lead singer is not a strong singer in the world of THE VOICE, and American Idol. It shouldn’t matter, his voice is a conveyance for his words, it doesn’t have to be strong, powerful or thick. However, it seems like the band knows this and tries to cover up any short comings in over using the distortion. Fellas, you’re a good band, you got some good songs, some nice ideas about love and loss, please don’t over think the vocals. Let the guy sing.

Overall this is a good LP, it’s even better that you can download it for free. I would pay five dollars solid for this LP if it was offered. Well worth the money. I like their energy, I like that they seem to be writing a lot about heart break and getting over, and I like their musicianship, good simple, un-muckable playing. Get this LP for free and leave the band a nice note on their Facebook page (link below) and then see them live.

Museum Mouth Bandcamp Site
Museum Mouth on Facebook
Museum Mouth Tumblr

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