Almah – Motion – Record Review by Phil Chevron

Almah – Motion – Record Review by Phil Chevron

New CD from ALMAH

ALMAHMotionAFM RecordsReleased January 17th 2012– Music review by Phil Chevron producer for SLTM (the Podcast)

This CD reminds me of a lot of bands, some current, some older metal/hard rock bands. That’s fine, I don’t need every band that I hear to sound like something new and ground breaking. If a band, such as ALMAH does here, sounds a bit like other bands, that’s fine, they do it so well, I like hearing those styles again.

Now, with that said, some bands that sound like other bands tend to copy one style, if you sound like Queensryche or Iron Maiden or Avenged Seven Fold then that’s all you sound like. Those kind of bands can come and go, because they are only offering you one flavor of your favorite treat, the same flavor you’ve eaten dozens of times before but a bit inferior.

This ALMAH I really like. Yeah, I’ve heard these types of sounds before, but never this many previous sounds in one band. Let me explain. This band does all the copy catting or repeating that other bands do, but they take all kinds of different styles, so you have the best of the styles they are copying and they give it an extra kick. Are they as good as Iron Maiden? Well, no, but if you wanted someone to use those types of licks or singing styles, you would want them to mock them at their best.

This may not be ground breaking metal or hard rock. What is anymore? nothing. This is very well played, very enjoyable music with some different flavors added to your favorite dish.

Let me offer this analogy for this release. I love Papa Dells Pizza, it’s a local Champaign/Urbana, IL staple. Really good pizza, possibly the best I’ve had. Lots of flavor, lots of ingredients and just totally satisfying. Do I eat Papa Dells all the time when I want pizza? No, it’s a bit expensive and a little heavy, but so damn tasty. Plus who wants to wear out their favorite pizza? So? So sometimes I like to order Monical’s Pizza. It’s got a lot of flavor, nice crust, and some of the same ingredients that Papa Dells does. Is it as good? No, but it cost less and it’s a nice pizza. It does some of the same things as a Papa Dells pizza , with a little of it’s own flair. It’s worth keeping in the rotation.

Hence, this record should really be in your rotation. It’s a bit of heavy metal, a bit of old school metal, with some speed and some dirt thrown in. It’s a very damn fine record, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. Will it change the world of music? Fuck no, but your going to have a good time listening to it, and you’ll find a new band to follow and like.

Give it a listen, follow the links above. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment on here about your thoughts on this new CD from ALMAH. We appreciate your feedback.
Phil Chevron – Producer Sonically Loud Tuneful Music (the Podcast) philchevron@gmail.com

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