Touch me and I’ll punch your teeth threw the back of your neck!


I recently bumped into French Stewart at the Shakey’s Pizza in Des Moines, Iowa. He was very apologetic. “Let me start by saying, I was sure you would never see my blog, and second, I never meant to hurt you”. We talked for over three hours, and in the end we patched things up. I mean how many times in life can you right a wrong and smooth things over with a person that was close to you? It’s tough, believe me. It’s even harder when those hurtful words become public. I forgive you French Stewart, but cross me again and I’ll break your break your french manicured fingers.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 129 of SLTM (the Podcast):
Maidens Error Records 4 Song Cassette Release and Digital Download
Know Your Saints
State Faults
Black Box Revelation

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