Where have all the Good Times Gone?


While no one was listening to some stupid podcast coming out of the bowels of the Champaign, IL area, a mild mannered skinflint by the name of Rick Tallackmacker was hatching a plan.

It was a plan so devious, so cunning that even local law enforcement was baffled and dismayed at it’s scope and deviousness. This, Tallackmacker, was a planner and a bit of a wild card.

When it was time to implement Plan Magenta Tea Towel, everyone, including some of gang members were scared. What had this mad man brought them to? what was he thinking? Some of them asked themselves.

I’ll tell you what he was thinking, I’ll tell you the whole plan right here. You see, Rick Tallackmacker was planning to…….. We interrupt this news bulletin/Special Report for this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast).

MUSIC ON EPISODE 124 of SLTM (the Podcast):
Sunny Shadows
Host Skull
CLASSIC CASSETTE TRACK – Accelerators – Leave My Heart Album – 1983
The Demon Beat
Iron Lamb

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