Skadooch on the Nooch! Ya Hear Me?


My little brother had enough to that point, you could see the constant “Tea-agga” and “Charlene” jokes were getting to him. So we told him, here’s what you do..You go up to Greg, and ask him “What do you think we should have for supper?”
Then we he says “I don’t know” or “How about Pizza”. You yell “how about balls?” and punch him in the nuts.

So Tadd goes up to Greg, who is joking around with Morty, and asks Greg “What do you think we should have for supper?”
Greg had no idea what was coming and said “How should I know”
That’s when Tadd unfurled a right hook into Greg’s groin while yelling “How about balls?”. Down Greg went and off Tadd ran. Oh how the rest of us giggled. We couldn’t stop laughing at Greg’s pain.

Tadd tried to get away, but Greg caught up to him and gave him a good beating. However, it was worth it, and you could see by the smile on Tadd’s bruised face that he was happy it turned out so well. We still laugh about it, and if we see Greg we remind him of what’s for supper and he winces just a bit.

MUSIC ON EPISODE 123 of SLTM (the Podcast)
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
Easter Island – Sixty Bucks- Cassette Track – 1989- Minneapolis, MN Band
Six Finger Satellite
Ordo Obsidium

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