Whose gonna be your tower of power, whose gonna be your naked explosion?


Here is my annual plea to Rick Sims, song writer, guitar player and lead singer of The Didjits and Gaza Strippers. PLEASE Release some new material. Ever since I noticed the Fizzjob Poster in Darrin Foley’s apartment in Mattoon while I attended Lake Land College (1989), I’ve been a fan. I listen to all the Didjits albums on a regular basis, especially FIZZJOB and HORNET PINATA. Plus LACED CANDY is on regular rotation on my MP3 player as well. Even if it’s just some band you throw together and release a new album with, you don’t have to tour or anything just share your quality song writing genius with us fans.

Now look, Rick, you don’t owe us anything, you are more than welcome to live your life and never put out another album. But, I have to say, when you are as good as you are, well maybe you should at least consider it. Plus, maybe a one off show here and there in Champaign, just so we can all bask in your awesome front man skills. Who’s gonna look at us like were a bunch of nobs who don’t get it and then flip us off? Don Gerard? Hell’s he’s the mayor now.

So please, Rick Sims, creator of some of the greatest punk rock/rock albums in my music collection (and yes My collection is extensive), put out one more album, call it RICK SIMS SAYS GOODBYE (middle finger raised). I’ll clutch it in my dying hands while I’m listening to you sing “Mamma Had a Skull Baby” and smile as I take in my dying breath.

Music on Episode 122 of SLTM (the Podcast):
The Parson Red Heads
Giant Squid
White Mystery
Brutal Truth

Interview Clip- Bobby Burg of Joan of Arc, Make Believe, and Love of Everything.

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