Time will Tell if Ken Berry was a Genius or Just Some Asshole Fiddling Around with his Duesenberg


I waited all night long in line for tickets to see Ted Nugent. Now, that might shock some of you, but I love the Motor City Mad Man. Love his music, I mean “Free-For-All”? Come on, that song rules. I waited with a few friends of mine, Mike Mouchi, Morty Martin, Greg Van Halen (his favorite group was,..you guessed it AC/DC) and my brother. We sat in line shooting the breeze, every once in a while nipping off to the van, one or two at a time, to get a smoke or have a drink. By the time 7am rolled around the the box office opened, we were hammered and Mouchi had fallen asleep/passed out propped up against a trash can and a wall. We just left him there when the line started. We did come back to get him after we got our tickets, we were certain that no one would harass him.

It’s time like those that made me glad to have a van that we could borrow, so that we could have a smoke, take a drink and in Greg VH’s case, get a blow job. Good times.

Music on this Episode:
End of Level Boss
Fried Goat
Capital – Giver Takers 12 inch Vinyl from Under Ground Communique
Lake of Tears

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