It’s spring and I feel great


Hello, Barry the Assistant here. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. There isn’t much to speak of on the SLTM front right now. Brad has been working on the cartoon mostly, well, not really but that’s what he claims he’s doing in between playing XBOX 360. So I’ve been coming around the office three times a week, just to tidy up and do some light typing and to hear Brad bitch about stupid stuff that he has no control over. Have you ever seen that man play a video game? It’s especially bad when he is playing baseball, his favorite sport. What a fuggin baby.

It’s nice when his children are here, they are lots of fun to be around and very entertaining for me. Also it helps him chill out a little bit and act normal. Well, as normal as that guy can be, which I guess isn’t all that normal.

As I mentioned above, the first episode of the cartoon STEVE JIFF’S MORNING SHENANIGANS is being put together. I listened to the audio portion of it, and I have to say that even I laughed a couple of times. Not laughed out loud, but on the inside.

I gotta run, Brad has me doing some yard work today, planting flowers for his girlfriend and seeding the lawn. If only he would get off his ass and do it, maybe people would like him more.

Bye for now.

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