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It’s Barry again. Once again I have to start this post by mentioning that the Trailer for Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans is up on the FRR myspace site:


So please check it out, the first Episode of the Cartoon will premiere this Summer.

Now on to me. Brad is driving me crazy. He’s running around trying to find stuff in his office and trying to come up with ideas for the next round of Podcasts. Plus he’s driving me crazy with telling me jokes and reading the script to the Cartoon. It’s not that they aren’t funny (the first time), it’s just that he yells them from down the hall at me. I wish he would just shut up for five minutes and give me a chance to enjoy my Green Tea.

I better get going, Mr. Yelling Jokes and laughing at the top of his lungs is needing my assistance again. He makes me towel him off when he gets out of the shower, and then I have to rub lotion on his neck, chest, back, arms, legs and ass. I keep asking myself “Do I really need the $7.50 that bad?” The answer is always yes, I do. I’m so sad.

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