No Mercy – Widespread Bloodshed- Music Review


No Mercy
Widespread Bloodshed (love runs red)
Suicidal Records

Ah someone loves SOD ( I found out that this is Mike from Suicidal Tendencies early band). Sweet. Sounds like they got a sense of humor too. Yes, nice combo. I’m enjoying this first song, takes me back. “We’re Evil” , they warned you didn’t they? I want to play the first track so bad, and maybe I will. I need to hear the rest of the release first.

That first song is so much fucking fun. Speed metal, drums are beating a thousand miles a minute. People just don’t play this type of metal anymore, or at least I never hear it among the hundreds of releases I hear every year for this podcast. Even though this is a reissue, it sounds fresh, well if not fresh at least an old sound that doesn’t get played anymore.

I chose the song (we played “Master of No Mercy” on episode 246) to play for three reasons: I like when a band works their name into a song title. It’s not done enough. The singer says “Alright” at the beginning, which is something I miss in songs. Finally, it’s a good song and I enjoy this release. I don’t know the history of this band, but I will. Reminds me a bit of early Prong, whom I love to this day.

During my second round of listenings here is what I thought:

the album opens with an old land line phone ringing. Ringing right out of the 1980’s. “Evils so good, Evil’s so mean” great lyrics from the first song.

You know, back in the day, this kind of metal , a little speedy, a little thrashy, was all over the place. This release probably got lost in the shuffle. That’s why these reissues are important, not only as a document to a time period in our musical history, but also to remind us that good bands sometimes fall through the cracks.

I miss people saying “All right” at the beginning of a song ( I know I mention this up at the beginning of this review, but it really did strike me as something that I missed and it must have been important for me to mention it twice).

It would be cool or at least very interesting to see these bands get back together today and play these albums. It’s not only the style of the music and the lyrics, but the sound, equipment and production that’s different. All of that would be important to the overall record or live show, and that would not be easy to reproduce.

*Brad Bugos writes these reviews, and while he may be a little dumb, and more than a bit anxious about pissing in someones soup, he does try to convey the thoughts and feelings of what its like to be a janitor with a stupid sense of humor who loves music and can’t stop talking about it. Lucky you. brad@fatrobotradio.com

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