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Here is another review that I found while searching Brad’s crap to find something else. Thought I would share it. I believe that this review comes from RazorCake.  Enjoy.

Silly Little Trouser Monkees #20, 8 x 11 newsprint, 50 pgs.

I want to read a story about two kids who get drunk and try to make out with girls. SLTM’s got it. It’s also got a record label profile of HAND MADE RECORDS, “Street Team Defined”, and “Bad Pick Up lines” that weren’t funny. At First, I started reviewing this zine and I thought “This is a crappy version of the ONION”, but parts of it were funny, so I take it back. I liked the reviews of fan groups (email lists, website and message boards) because I am a fucking dork.  There was some article called “Betsy Ross thinks you’re a Bitch” and I Liked it. So now I want to Fuck Betsy Ross. I don’t know how old these fuckers are but they sent me a note on the back of a chemistry cheat sheet, therefore I say they win the “Baddest Dudes who took The Chemistry Exam” Award.  – Gabe Rock

So All in all, not a bad review. Course Brad always got points off and rightly so, for his crappy layout and design skills.  He was horrible at that. Just thought I would pass that along, now aren’t you glad you didn’t read that zine? Intestinal Cramping was a common problem among readers.

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