An Addendum to Episode 92 Best of Show


Just in case you were listening to Episode 92 and you didn’t think we touched on all the great music we were sent this year, we would like to agree. Below are some bands or artists who release we really enjoyed this year but couldn’t fit into the best of show. So please check them out too. We’ll put the episode of STLM (the Podcast) they’ve appeared on in the past in case you wanted to hear what they sound like.

So Go back to the Episodes these artists appear, follow those links or the links below and check them out. And hey, have a nice holiday and thanks for listening to this podcast.

Brad Bugos – Host SLTM (the Podcast)

Good Stuff We Didn’t Get to on Episode 92:
Dusted Angel (Episode 90)
Matt Farr (Episode 78)
Six Finger Satellite (Episode 75)
Masterplan (Episode 80)
Brookhaven (Episode 81)
Kissin’ Dynamite (Episode 80)
Coma (Episode 86)
Triosphere (Episode 89)
What Cheer Brigade (Episode 78)
Shuteye Unison (Episode 85)
Killing Joke (Episode 86)
Righteous Fool (Episode 85)

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