Amenra – MASS V- Music Review

Amenra – MASS V- Music Review


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If you like doom and drone then Amenra is your ticket to throttle-ville. Quite a bit more melodic than some bands that skate this same surface. It’s nice to have a bit of this type of music on hand, as it suits a different mood than other metal and there is never one type of music for everyday in your life.

Doom/Sludge Metal in Screamo-Vision. Which, like I said, is nice to have in your collection. Why not try a bit of Amenra? Scott Kelly guest vocals on the last track.

Let me put it to you this way: I know people like to feel like they are part of a group, that there are others out there like them. And that is fine. However, there is so much different music and so many different ideas out there, that to limit yourself to one ideology or thought process seems stunting to me. I like pizza, but do think that even with dozens of types of pizza, that it’s the only food I am going to consider eating just because it suits me most of the time? No. It would be no good for me, and I would never grow. Well, I would grow outward, and slower.

I am a scattered mess, bits and pieces of me are all over the place, my mind wanders in and out of streams, diving and resurfacing at different points. If I couldn’t attach myself to different musical thoughts, ideas, soundscapes and patterns (and different ideas), then I’m not sure I would be living in this space.

I like Amenra, but they are not my favorite band, but they serve a punch hole filling purpose. Like all music in my life. There’s Buck Owen’s and The Buckeroos, Ringworm, and the Meat Puppets in the distorted dirt covered attic of my upper mind. In the downstairs apartment, Soundgarden, Robyn Hitchcock, Motorhead, and Chuck Berry are fighting over the remote. There are so many compartments and sections that there is no telling what parts of my brain are enjoying what at any exact moment. Amenra would make a nice tenant. They fit in a nice space, no not a niche, but a space and I’m glad I found them, cause there is a space for my mad, driven, dusty, chipped brain to enjoy this music.

I don’t know where I would be without music, it’s always rolling through my head, activating memories, and creating ideas. I have always had some sort of beat, or lyric or shuffle in my head at all times, sometimes it’s louder than others and I catch myself endlessly repeating a chorus, or thumping out a beat on a table or my leg.

It’s my great pleasure that I’ve been able to hear bands like Amenra, whom some might call doom or stoner rock, but who I would classify as metal with some dreamy textured screaming. Without this type of activity worming it’s way through my brain, I’m not sure I could cope. Things have always seemed foreign to me, but with music it makes sense, it all becomes a bit more clear and viable.

It’s not really stoner rock, it’s more drug enhanced free form audio daydreams. And it’s very enjoyable.

Brad Bugos wrote this review. If you have any opinion you would like to share about Amenra, please leave a comment below. As always, please type in Amenra in the search box above to find a song from them that has been played on SLTM (the Podcast). Brad can be reached at brad@fatrobotradio.com

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