All Hail the Yeti – S/T Album Review

All Hail the Yeti – S/T Album Review

New Album from All Hail The Yeti

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Music Review by Brad Bugos – Host of SLTM (the Podcast) brad@fatrobotradio.com

Let’s be honest right off the bat, this is why I continue to record my show and do music reviews. After 16 years of writing music reviews, talking about music and playing music for people, I’ve really heard everything I’m going to hear. But, it’s these moments of sheer bliss for me, when I pop a CD or Album on the phono and I hear something totally mind bending, a record of this quality, it’s what keeps me excited and mentally refreshed.

At the first song, which is a good straight ahead thrash/hardcore metal song, I didn’t know if this release was going to peak my interest. It’s a good song, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t give you any idea of the complex melodies, awesome musicianship, and different textures the rest of the Album showcases. So my advice is to enjoy the first song, but don’t judge the band too quickly, it’s a solid song but brother hold onto your nuts because what’s coming down the pick might just blow the top of your head off.

There is so much going on with this record, such nice contrast with sounds and vocals, it’s so easy to enjoy the hell out of this record. It’s never dull, never repeats itself. It also includes some sound clips from old movies, which I’ve missed. My beloved Steel Pole Bathtub would use these type of clips to enhance and add to the overall flavor of their records and I haven’t heard it much since. It’s a nice addition to an already fine record.

It’s really hard not to gush over this record and just tell you that your an idiot if you don’t get this disc, or at the very least check out their facebook page. However, I’ll try to tell you why you should buy this disc, by examining two of my favorite songs on the album.

Track 2 – “When the Sky Falls” – Now, maybe this benefits a little by being the first track after that nice opening Thrash Metal type song, and maybe it just rocks like a motherfucker. A little bit of both, really. It’s got some nice vocal interplay between some throaty screaming and a COC Pepper Keenan metal vocal. It’s perfectly entwined, the vocals play off each other well. It’s a solid song too, never too over the top, a nice solid jam that reminds me of a metal band from the 1970’s. This could easily be a single from the album, doing very well at hard rock radio.

Track 5- “After the Great Fire” – Listen to the lead in Track, #4 The Weak and The Wounded (prelude to Flames) and then listen to this track. Nice use of an old movie clip for this set of songs. This might be the most complete showcase of this bands talents, there is so much going on and so well played that it would be inconceivable that a person couldn’t enjoy this song. The Vocal interplay, the voices in the background, the chorus of the damned, the slow build, it’s just fucking wonderful.

This is a lot to like about this band, not only the fact that they are solid musicians but this is a complete idea of an album. It’s not just a collection of songs. This is a total listening experience, one in which you should immerse yourself. Oh, and the end track with the sounds of nature, the crickets and calming noises, not sure who’s idea this was, but it’s a perfect ending to this record. It’s a nice decompression method after putting yourself into this album, kind of like a cool down after a nice run from the cops or enjoying a nice cold drink after throwing a brick into your old girlfriends second floor bedroom window.

By the way, Track 7 “The Art of Mourning” is another solid song, with some nice banjo in the mix at the end and some old blues type Capella singing at the front. So many wonderful ideas in this record, it’s not just a solid metal album, it’s chock full of interesting ideas. Like I said, it’s not just a collection of songs, these are ideas and they are well flushed out.

My many thanks to Liz and Dave from Earsplit PR for allowing me to hear this album and play on my show. It’s times like this that I’m glad I still slog through my podcast even if I believe it’s only my girlfriend who is listening. Many Huge thanks to All Hail The Yeti for making one of the best records I’ve heard this year. I hope the band continues making music, I will be anxiously awaiting further musical output from this kick ass metal band.

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