ALARIC- End of Mirrors- Music Review


End of Mirrors
Neurot Recordings

Why does Alaric stand out from the thousands of other bands that I hear through my podcast? This is the second time I have chosen to review one of their releases, both of them being full reviews. Why? Well let’s examine that, what does this band have that peaks my interest enough to sit down and write a music review.

Wether you have written fifteen or a couple hundred or thousand like I have over these twenty nine years, it’s never easy to come up with things to say. So writing a full review really takes something from me, mostly because I’m dumb and I don’t know what to say.

Let’s take “Wreckage” as an example. It’s slow dirgy blues number, heavy weighted metal pulling you down by the ankles into the black dirthy thickness of humanity gone sick and diseased. Or maybe that’s just something I’ve read into it and it’s really about having a paper route and one of the customers won’t pay you when they are supposed too.

Point is? Well, it’s a really good song, with a distinct flavor of hopelessness that I enjoy, a fatal wiring in our human souls I look upon and feel comforted by.

I think what really impresses me and makes me want to listen to this band in my own free time is that the music really fits a lot of how it is day to day, life and all that.
Holy shit check out the Spinal Tap like break down towards end of “Mirrors”. What was I saying? Wait this isn’t some kind of stream of conscious thought piece, I can go back and look at what I said before. Why the hell am I still typing this? See, that’s what this music does for me. Not to say I’m floating on some kind of drug induced cloud playing hand ball against the closet door, its more of a state of rational, clear thinking. Or maybe I’m just some idiot sitting in his garage huffing copy toner. Hard to tell really. 1,2,3 Huff!

Look, I know we are all fucked, its a bloody dirty mess out there. None of us make it out alive, most of us worse for the wear. However, there are those pockets of sublime escape that come along every now and then. They are short, very cramp spots in our universe but when they do open and we get in them, it’s almost something that can keep up from giving into the drudgery and sickness of this world and end it all. Wouldn’t be the first time that rock and roll has saved someone’s life, it has pulled me out of more than a few death spirals.

So is Alaric the be all end all of great bands, one of the greatest that ever plugged pin into amp? No, because no one is Motorhead . What I can say is that this band has all the right ingredients, mixed well, and turned into a easy to digest pill form that you’ll never convince those in long pants to take. So enjoy this my friend, sit back, let it seep into your head, gaze out into a wooded area or even an empty car park, feel the flow, let the dirty water from the nearby creek saturate your skin. We may not be here much longer.

***Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com wrote this, and we understand that you hate him. Only thing I can say is get in line behind his parents, his kids, the doctor that did surgery on him when he was a baby, Dave down at the market, Jim Quick the only guy in the world who could love an asshole like this and finally his poor wife who thinks she can’t do any better. She can. Enjoy this review, I guess, and then forget you ever heard of Dave down at the market. ***

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