Akris – S/T – Domestic Genocide – Music Review

Akris – S/T – Domestic Genocide – Music Review


AKRIS – S/T- Release– 9/24/2013 – Distributed by Domestic Genocide

Music Review by Brad Bugos – brad@fatrobotradio.com

Domestic Genocide

This jumped out at me the very first listen through for the podcast. Heavy bass, but not overpowering and too dense, nice and sludgy and a bit crisp.

In less deft hands this release could turn out to be a sludgy, droning bit of repetitive dirt bait, but bassist Helena Goldberg (who started Akris in 2008) turns this into a bass warm blanket that smothers the listener in sludgy dripping goodness.

This self title release came out in September of 2013 on Domestic Genocide, and it’s clear from the very beginning what this band is all about. If you can’t figure it out from the drummed out bass lines from “Fighter Pilot” , then your head is dense in ways that concrete couldn’t impact.

The female vocals are at times yelled, scratched, throaty and violent and others welcoming and smooth, something that helps draw you in along with the weighty bass lines. Not that bass thumping and heavy vocals are all that’s too this band, it’s a good share of the sound but there is other sounds and atmosphere, filled in the cracks and creavouses nicely. The Bass drives the songs, but the drums are the tires that help move the song along. I know, a car person I am not.

The nice thing about this release is that it never fells repetitive or obnoxious, which I wonder if people will think when they here Bass driven. It’s metal, not dance music, and yeah, there are not a lot of bass driven bands out there, bu this works just fine. Heavy bass, thudding in your ear cap, rattling your brain around it’s pan with haunting then screaming female vocals. What’s not to like?

I’d do yourself a favor and plaster your face trap with this before it escapes the musical atmosphere and floats away. It’s worth your time, it’s interesting and decently heavy and full. Kind of eating a doubler burger and then getting a punch in the stomach plate, before you barf all that beef back up onto the floor of Denny’s there’s a moment of uphoria and lightheadedness, it’s a beautiful feeling until you hit that extra mayo and pickle combo.

Please check this out, give it a few listens, find them and at the very least hear a few of their songs and give them a good chance to seep into your simple monkey brain cavity.

Thank you and good night
demosticgenocide.com or domesticgenocide.bandcamp.com

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