Adult Mom – Momentary Lapse of Happily – Music Review


Adult Mom
Momentary Lapse of Happily
Tiny Engines

“I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed the snow” getting older always means enjoying things less and less, life seems to be more annoying than magical. What was once an occasion to play and build in the snow, has become a tiresome chore and a pain in the ass.

Second song clinches it for me, but at the beginning I was feeling some Liz Phair vibes. That’s good I like liz’s music. The singer has a pleasing voice, and while it can be sing songy at times, that is never a problem or minus. It just seems that not all of us have a voice touched by Jebus. I would guess her to be in her early 30’s or late 20’s because you only speak of such things when you are still young enough to be swallowed up by regret and feel like you an do something about it.

While Liz Phair was trying to identify with the parts of herself that felt like they had to be with someone otherwise she was unidentifiable. Adult mom seems to have just started the process of being alone and questioning herself and relationships with others. What that means and the feelings you have at say 28 and how they are different from first being in love and loss. She’s thinking a lot about this other person it must have been a significant relationship.

Liz Phair jumped on the scene having thoughts of chasing men, and how that defined her, what she was in relation to men and what it meant to be a free open woman. Adult mom sings from the perspective of a love burnt out older woman wondering if just thinking about that person means anything and will anyone ever think about her?

**incomprehensible shit, that’s what his college English professor said about everything he put to paper or computer. Nothings changed. So take this essay/review with a handful of air. Check out Adult mom on your own, and then you can say you found some quality music without the help of some know it all dick. Thanks brad@fatrobotradio.com **

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