3 More Reasons to love Arliss Nancy

3 More Reasons to love Arliss Nancy

Three Reasons You should love Arliss Nancy as much as we do
by Brad Bugos

We love Wild American Runners, the last release from Fort Collins, Colorado Band Arliss Nancy. It has a lot of winning qualities. We thought that we would pick three in hopes that your interest would be peaked and that you would at the very least, check out this really good band. We love this record and we love Arliss Nancy here in the offices of SLTM (the Podcast). So read below the three reasons why you should love them too, play the song below (the wonderful single “Coal”), then follow the link to their facebook and storenvy pages and get a copy of Wild American Runners.

Reason One: The Road weary, seen too much, gravely wonderfullness that is the voices of Cory Call and Kyle Oppold. When you hear the words “I don’t think I can make it through another year alone”, goddam it you believe it. They sound so worn down by the road, wondering where the hell all their friends have gone and why aren’t the ones that they love home when they get there. These vocals draw you in, make you feel something, maybe something you just weren’t ready to face. Tired,alone and hurt.

Reason Two : Those backing vocals. Harmonies, yes, but distant ghostly harmonies. Like the strange lonely hitchhiker you pick up at the side of the road in Tuscon at 3am. He’s starts singing along to the radio, but not loud enough for all to hear, he’s beat down, but there is a knowing calmness in that voice. This band does wonderful background and harmony voices, taking a torn page out of the Jayhawks playbook.

Reason Three: That driving sadness that envelopes “Nathaniel”. The beautifully haunting “lost my way” repeated at the end of the song in harmony. Powerful. This song is part rocking bravado bridge burner “I’ll be better without you” ego flex and sad resigned, “I can’t do this without you” what do I do now give up.

Bonus reason: the wonderful piano and organ playing of Chris Love. There is never a bad reason to add some piano or hammond to a song, it only enhances a tune, much in evidence by all the wonderful touches on Wild American Runners.

One more thing: This band sounds like a world weary, worn down Scruffy The Cat. Don’t know who that is? Look it up on Trouser Press Guide.

So, we given you enough reasons to check out this release, and while it may be 2 years old, it doesn’t matter, this one is going to stay fresh way past any sell by date or your life time.

Agree? Disagree? Well then leave us some feedback. You can also email Brad at brad@fatrobotradio.com.

Arliss Nancy - Wild American Runners - cover
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