25 Worse Singers than Geddy Lee of RUSH (Who rules by the way!)


Last year I got into another argument with my girlfriend about Rush, and more specifically Geddy Lee, the lead singer. She thinks he’s the worst singer ever, and that RUSH would sound ten times better with a singer that (and I quote) “Doesn’t sound like a woman who fell down a well, while trying to hold a pee in standing in two feet of rancid water”. Harsh words, I know. I set out to defend RUSH and Geddy Lee, cause I love the bands music and think that there is no way the band would be as good or as RUSH, without Geddy. Also he has a cool name.

So on an episode of the SLTM podcast, I made a list of 25 singers worse than Geddy Lee. I announced the full list on Episode 129. Here is the list for you to comb over and ultimately agree with. I mean, Geddy Lee rules, we all know that and now so does my girlfriend.

1. Vince Neil- Motley Crue – Over processed and weak. Ten times worse than Geddy.
2. Stephen Percy – Ratt- Same Same. Fifteen times worse than Geddy.
3. Kevin Dubrow- Quiet Riot – Rest his soul. Not a strong singer and kind of a dick.
4. Dexter Holland- Offspring – Like the guy, but that voice ruins some good songs.
5. Tom Keifer – Cinderella- Okay when he sings like a normal person. Screetches a lot.
6. 1985 Chicago Bears- Super Bowl Shuffle? horrible and it berthed another turd.
7. Biz Markie- Love the guys music but I think he was intentionally out of tune.
8. John Mellencamp- Not a strong singer. A little thin,& sometimes there’s no passion.
9. Gwen Stefani – No Doubt- that baby girl voice she does early on is grating.
10. Noel Gallagher- Seems like he’s doing the demo version when he sings.
11. Paul Stanley- Like Kiss. Stanley is a weak singer, but fits great with Kiss.
12. Lou Reed- Not really a singe per se. More a mouth talker. Still bad.
13. Scott Stapp- Creed- Just awful. Plus he sang shitty lyrics. really bad.
14. Chad Kroeger- Nickelback- Another one who is just awful with bad lyrics. No more!
15. Cher- Not a strong singer, you can tell they process the hell out of that voice.
16. Janie Lane- Warrant- Rest his soul. Not a bad singer, just not better than Geddy.
17. Conway Twitty- A pick from my son Tyler. Solid Old Country singer.
18. All three Bee Gees- Maybe they write a nice song, but sound like old ladies.
19. Claudio Sanchez- Coheed&Cambria- Another Tyler pick. I agree whole heartedly.
20. Sonny Bono- He had to let Cher carry the weight on duets he was that weak a singer.
21. David Coverdale- Tony MF choice. I like DC. He can be a little over the top though.
22. Dude from Trickster- Another Tony MF choice. Good Choice.
23. Dude from Firehouse- Yep Tony MF again. I agree. overally schmaltzy too.
24.Tiny Tim- I think he was doing it on purpose. Still worse than Geddy
25. Geoff Tate- Queensryche- Tony MF and My dual choice. A bit over blown voice.

There you have it. Agree, disagree or agree 100%, we appreciate you reading it. Leave any comments about who you think should be on the list and I’ll shove it in my girlfriends face and say “SEE YOU’RE STILL WRONG”.

*Point of clarification: we are not saying that all of these singers are totally horrible and should be punched in the voice box. We’re just saying they are worse or a lot worse than Geddy Lee, who we all know RULES!

3 Responses to “25 Worse Singers than Geddy Lee of RUSH (Who rules by the way!)”

  1. A Fan of Rush, the band, not the Limbaugh says:

    Geddy Lee is maybe the best rock bassist ever. But his voice is terrible. Specifically his tone. I’d like their music more if they had a better singer, but I’m willing to deal with his voice for the bass.

  2. Carlos says:

    First of all, I am not english speaker so my apologies in advance for the grammatical mistakes.
    Geddy Lee and all Rush members are very great musicians but I recommend all the people to learn some things very usefull before falling in easy definitions like good and bad. Life is not black and white and music neither, there is a lot of different parameters that define a singer/bassplayer/drummer… style and technic, etc…
    I’ll name a few:
    – Timbre
    – Physical Technic
    – Theorical Musical Knowledge
    – Technological Choices For reach “That Sound”
    – Knowing Self-Limitations (ex: how high you can sing before sounding awfull and overforced/suffocated)
    – Lyrics
    – Writing Melodies that fits Music (Capacity to Compose melodies that make sense applying your theorical Musical Knowledge and physical Limitations)

    So when I read that Dexter Holland, Gwen Stefani, Paul Stanley, Chad Kroeger, Jani Lane or David Coverdale are worst singers than Geddy Lee, I get really surprised.
    My opinion about Geddy Lee singing:
    He has not a beautiful timbre, when he sings not to high it’s OK, when he reaches a certain high notes, he sounds very awfull (when you are near to your safe singing limit, you tend to begin to sing out of tune and suffocated, and it’s often where he exactly is)
    It’s not the only one, I tend to perceive the same thing when I saw Chris Cornell live with audioslave and Ozzy Osborne in general.
    He has a lot of Theorical Musical Knowledge because the songs they do are complex and with complex prog music it’s harder to find a melody that fits.
    That said, I think he writes melodies that fit very well with music most of the times, not always (because they have a lot of albums) but althought the ideas can be very good, the problem is when you can’t sing well the entire melodies you write and you go out of tune often at the end of every phrase of a song. That happens in a lot of Rush songs.
    I think he has great Physical technique because he sounds very similar live than in the albums.
    The problem is that he tends to be out of tune in the same places (some high notes) on the records, so he is out of tune in the same passages live too hehe…

    OK, David Coverdale is not in their best years by now, but he sang very well in a bunch of albums and has a good timbre for what he does (more pleasant to the ear than Geddy)
    I understand that one can not liking Gwen Stefani Songs (how they’re written, they sound or Lyrics) but her timbre is right, she is very expressive (far more than Geddy Suffocating Lee) and I never heard her out of tune.
    Same thing with Paul Stanley, Chad Kroeger or Jani Lane, I can hate some of their songs because they can be previsible or boring or the lyrics suck… but their timbre fits well the music they do, the melodies fits well too, and the albums I heard, I’ve not noticed they were very out of tune or over the top breaking…
    So the good, bad, best, worst,…. it depends on what you are focusing (shitty lyrics?, so typical song?, boring?, out of tune?, pleasant voice?, characteristical timbre?, how much high someone sings?)
    So my conclusion is similar to yours about Dexter Holland: Like the guy, but that voice ruins some good songs.
    And I almost agree with your girlfriend; RUSH would sound ten times better with a singer that “Doesn’t sound like a woman who fell down a well, while trying to hold a pee in standing in two feet of rancid water.”
    If they had a singer that easily and technically can sing on tune the songs they wrote, Rush could be more “ear-friendly to the audience”… that’s sure… the same way some people doesn’t stand James Labrie’s voice. It’s as simple as he has not a beautiful timbre and the higher he sings, the more unbearable it becomes to the listener.
    That kind of things don’t Happen to Barry White.. :p

  3. Barry GIlstrap says:

    How did Britney Spears not make this list?
    So nasally, no vocal range, very, very bad.
    Maybe not as bad as Tiny Tim, but right up there.

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