SLTM 2.0 Episode 16- Like a bad rash that never goes away

MUSIC REVIEWS Emperor X – Over sleepers International- “Warmth Perimeter” – tiny engines– emperorx.bandcamp.com – tinyengines.net – my first impression of this band is that they have listened to way too much Barenaked Ladies music. Yeah, they sound like that aforementioned Canadian rock band, catchy ditties with easy to enjoy vocals. Clap along feel good melodies. Unlike BNL, whose music I dislike quite a bit, I feel like if I pay attention to this band I would get smarter and more curious about the world around me. Did I hear someone mention re-districting? See. “Warmth Perimeter” is a nice change of pace, a new age dancey number that reminds me why we all like music. You maybe a band who plays AC/DC like rock, but what’s wrong with some Prince sneaking into your music? We are all influenced by many things, why not mention them all, no matter how disparate? “Low orbit in common” is about Kevin from Home Alone, how his parents became serial child leave behinders and how it affected his relationships the rest of his life. It was not a one time thing his parents did, or even a two time thing. I hear some Talking Heads in there. By the way, Kevin’s parents did admit years later that at some point they weren’t simply forgetting about him, and that they just needed some time away from him. “Sometimes you really bug me and we just needed a break, your father and I”. “Five Hour Energy” reminds me of why I love Sparklehorse so much, actually its reason #52. The beautiful simplicity and mesmerizing tanginess of the track calls to mind one of my favorite tracks on the GOLDDAY EP. Enslaved– Roadburn Live- Roadburn records– celebrated 25 years together in 2016- was a vinyl RSD exclusive 2017 – enslaved.no- roadburn.com – This band comes off , at least on the first song, like a heavier Smiths or more accurately a Soundgarden loving band with Throat scratching vocals interplayed with Cornellian like crooning. This live recording sounds really good. I would go see this band live. At one point I heard the old chestnutt “the archs on you” why can’t it be on you as well or how about all of us? How come I’m the only idiot who keeps falling for the “joke”?I do believe if I’m very much mistaken that this was released on vinyl for RSD black friday 2017 (actually it was the RSD...

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