SLTM 2.0 Episode 11 – We are back on the air

Music Reviews Mayhem– De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ALIVE – “Pagan Fears” – recorded live in sweden in 2015- the orignal album was listed in the 20 essential black metal albums of all time by revolver magazine and #40 on Rolling Stone Magazines 100 greatest metal albums of all time- mayhemofficial.bandcamp.com – at one point, at least for a couple of songs, I can hear something in the background, is it bleed through from another studio where they recorded this album? Maybe its Satan whispering instructions on how to make his famous baked ziti? No, its a crowd, and they only cheer at the end of a few songs. That’s weird. Each song seems to start out with an intro that is about forty seconds to a minute long. Is it to get warmed up? I don’t think this was really recorded in front of a live audience. Maybe they are going for a feeling of Audience of the Damned(TM) feel, where they bused in lost souls and roust-a-bouts to hear them play, or maybe its all just some electronic audio imaging thing to fool us into thinking some band we don’t know is playing the concrete warehouse outside of town and we should go, sounds rad. On some songs I can hear this audience making some noise but then they don’t cheer at the end. What gives? Maybe they Kiss Alive 2’d us here. I know what this is, it is Hell, but it’s lunch time and this band is preforming for all the workers there. You see Satan likes to give them a free lunch with music when they meet their soul quota (lets be honest, that is happening with more frequency these days). I mean, who they gonna book for the lunch time band? Barry Friggin Manilow? I think not. For day to day business of making people suffer in hell you’re gonna play Cher or Manilow cranked up high, but if you want to say a little thank you to those that make you look good, it’s death metal all the way. Plus you got the free brats, and two sides per. I suppose its not that much of a stretch to be a bit envious of those workers in hell, when is the last time your boss gave you free lunch much less with blasting metal to help you digest your free hamburger? Lo-Pan – IN TENSIONS- “Go West” – five song EP- lopandemic.com –...

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