Dig Deeper Episode 4- Going Beserk

Welcome to episode four of Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry. I hope you have enjoyed the first two we posted. Oh? you haven’t listened to them? You think two old guys reminiscing about old nonsense you don’t care about is bullshit? You got us, it is. In this episode we discuss a comedy classic, the 1983 comedy starring John Candy GOING BESERK. Also John Candy did not co-write Canadian Bacon with Michael Moore. Candy has six writing credits on his resume. Most of them for SCTV. Finally, anyone who watches Going Beserk please let me know what the biker says to Candy on his way out of Moms. Thanks for listening. Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 4 [ 15:14 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 270

SLTM 270: Hello, this is some guy. And this is some other guy, and you’re listening to this podcast. (pause) this is a dumb bit. Topic: A unheard clip from Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, The Dog Poop Story Also Not Appearing on the Show: Ten East – SKYLINE PRESSURE- Small Stone – I’m not sure you want to start out your release with a thirteen minute plus instrumental. At least through the first three songs it is a trip down the same paved slightly, very slightly, bumpy wonk rock road. Free form jazz rock that you might anticipate seeing in some kind of Spinal Tap remake ripoff. You know what I’ve figured out what this music would work in, get this idea. I’m working on a video game about this lonely teenage kid who inherits this old rundown skate/theme park. He has to rebuild the park to its former glory all the while making deals with roaming bands of other skaters, fighting off bugs and wild animals, and figuring out who hes going to team up with a bunch of waster hesher skaters who squat at the park, concerned towns people who want to clean up the park for financial gain or cult leader (Singer Songwriter) Tim Caulfield and his followers. This would work as perfect music during the game. Music: Triathalon– Listening to this four song EP makes me feel sexy. I mean really sexy. I am not being facetious, sarcastic, or bombastic. The last time I felt this way was when I first heard Prince and then up to Sign O’ the Times. Sadly, and no matter how much I enjoyed the feeling, words and vibes, Prince and I were never talking the same lingo. He had so much sexuality and swagger, I have never had any of that. But with this release, I feel like the people in Triathalon get me. Sometimes I like to feel sexy, I like to look out and feel the waves coming over me. The top of that wave, pushing me ever higher even though I know that I don’t belong there. I am thankful for Prince and his music, such a glorious cache of it too, but Triathalon understand that feeling of being sexy when you just too damn afraid to be sexy with anyone else. Carcass– I don’t think that Carcass needs my help describing and talking about their music. So let me tell you what happened to...

Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 3

Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 3 In this episode, Cousin Barry and I talk about significant moments in our lives involving music. Barry tells a couple of great stories about his chance to see Guns N Roses and John Lennon’s death. While I disparage the wonderful name of Robert Palmer. Tune in, it’s a lot of fun. By the way the song in the opening is from a wonderful band that Barry suggested I check out called Peter, Bjorn and John. Here they are on youtube. Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 3 [ 13:41 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 269

SLTM (the podcast) Episode 269 : Turns out Chubby Checker is a real asshole Topic: Clip from Episode One of Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, a PhD in rock and roll defense Also Not Appearing on this show: The Night Watch – Boundaries – thenightwatch.bandcamp.com – thirty six minute track two years in the making- One song, thirty six minutes long, with viola or violin as the main instrument. Its almost like its the lead vocal. While it is technically one thirty six minute track, it’s more like several songs tied together like Prince’s Lovesext album. No, you know what this is like? Those Futurama movies. They were filmed as hour and a half, two hour movies, then cut up into episodes for Comedy Central to air. Point being, you could cut this up into several different tracks or leave it as a whole, works both ways. Music: Hypoluxo– I cant handle when people like me. It freaks me out and because of the low self esteem I harbour, I wonder what they are getting at. This release reminds me of the English new wave movement of the 80’s . Its as if the Psychedlic Furs had married Morrissey’s Sister. Then they played their own wedding with Nick Lowe on vocaling and Mc-ing. For reasons I am not smart enough to understand,I get a COME ON PILGRIM vibe from this release. As in “Jessie” all those failed relationships or at least that one that imploded, we wish we could have helped those people. Unfortunately it was doomed, and those people couldn’t be loved or helped. Valborg– at least for the first few songs, this is more atmospheric, creepy and disturbing than I expected. I figured they would break into the speed metal at some point, but so far it’s slow, creepy and spooky. Its the organ and guitar that set the mood. The vocals help but here its the musical partenership that creates the boundaries of worshipful solitude. “Sulfur Vitriolic Angel” has a great chorus of the damned background going “ohhh”; good song. Like the guitar solo too. The many voices that preach to you, a varied attack of voices to pass along and imbed the message is way more effective method than having that one dude shouting his beliefs and commands straight into your ear via those speakers at the drive in. The ones you used to clip onto your car, those are used to clip onto your...

Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 2

Welcome to a new chat podcast. In it I pick the brain of a wise, well read, funny thoughtful friend of mine, my cousin Barry. In this episode we examine the label “one hit wonder” and ask if its fair that bands and artists are tarred with that moniker. In this episode we look in depth at Rockwell’s 1984 album SOMEBODY’S WATCHING ME. Rockwell Biography on Allmusic.com Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 2 [ 17:08 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 268

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 268– A Rod is A Nod for a Broad TOPIC: Go Fish Tournament Highlights Also Not Appearing on The Show– Cognitive- DEFORMITY- Facebook.com/Cognitivenj or uniqueleader.com – Why do the growled voiced from the bowels of hell always get coupled with the high screamo voice? It would be interesting to hear someone sounding like Morrissey or Barry Manilow coupled with the growl. This release is three songs. The opening track has clips from an old movie and at one point I was in the can listening to the first track and it sounded like someone was outside talking. Very creepy. There is a cool vocal trick at the end of “Birthing the Deformity”. Music: The Right Now– I’m not sure I agree with the effects put on the vocals, they give off a vibrating wax paper vibe. The lead singer has a nice pleasing voice, no need for the tricks. “if it was you” makes me think it’s 1987 and I’ve slipped through a seam in time. Good boogie. I might say 1985 instead. Some of the songs have a nice latin dance flavor with a really good horn section. Good dance tunes. I mentioned this to the band in my interview questions, but if I was pitching a prequel movie about Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop , I would use some of the music from STARLIGHT. “Love you Better” would be a great song to play out at the ballgame between innings or during the kiss cam. I would like more horns but then I really enjoy the sounds. This isn’t my type of music, but it is rather pleasing. I understand the catchy rhym play in “Starlight” but it’s not their best song. “That’s Enough” opens up like a Sly&the Family Stone live cut. Turns into a Shirley Bassey Bond Theme , Aretha rocker and ends with the whole family chimming in and jamming. “that’s enough” and “too late” are my favorite tracks, so much funky soul. Oh and “Up all night” would be perfect over the end credits in my Beverly Hills Cop prequel. Damn I need to write that and see if Eddies son is available. Alaric– (full review coming soon)- We have played and enjoyed Alaric in the past, use the search box on our site to find past episodes with their music. Matter of fact, I put them into my bandsintown app in case they played close. Let’s see...

Peaer – S/T- Music Review

Peaer S/T Tiny Engines I do like the guitar sound on this release. Sometimes I’ve noticed when bands get this sound, a kind of chiming perpendicular buzzsaw with the safety guard but it’s starting to come off sound, they tend to make it thin and a bit over distorted, Peaer mixes it right. “Third Law” has some nice harmonies, very well used, right emotional heft and completely integral to the feel of the song. I went to high school with a kid, oh lets call him J.C. Marsh, and he was a depressed kid. I liked him, very intelligent but never stuffy or condescending about it, a bit gothy and fun to hang out with for certain allotted periods of time. I just couldn’t, as a manic depressive, be around that much sadness, real or not, for any extended period of time. For me to expect that this person has remained the same all these years later is a bit of selfish narcissism on my part. “Sick” is catchy as hell and might be the most upbeat song about being tired of yourself. It wonders why you can’t be something else or at least change a marginal amount just so you can shift focus. Jesus, I’ve been in that town before, stayed a few years and almost didn’t make it out. **Brad Bugos wrote this review. He’s really sorry that his words couldn’t be more expressive or even more about the music, but things pop into his head, and they tend to be about how he feels emotionally awkward every time he takes a breath or moves. Thank god you’re not him. Email if you want brad@fatrobotradio.com or leave a message below. Thanks and happy arm huggery....

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 267

SLTM Episode 267: “I’ve been slain by Sir Jokes a lot” Topic: Steve Jiff’s Historically Inaccurate Interviews: Aaron Burr Music: Maradeen– “Living for the weekend” is a poppy charmer in the vein of Oregon’s Parson Red Heads and should be the first choice for the first single. Yeah, “Living for the Weekend” is a strong song for the band, good country beat, wonderful sweet harmonies. I would have lead off the album with this track. You can forgive it’s vacation commercial pretend importance. “lost in a dream” is just missing something, it’s a bit pedestrian in need of a dead hitchhiker or a plum fairy flying through the scene to give it a boost. Singer sounds a bit like a tired Kevin Thista. “like a river” what the kids of the fellas in Alabama would sound like if they started their own band. Did he just say “Where did my jesus go”? In dealin with the devil? Its not the song I would have put first, but thats been mentioned above. Reminds me texturally of TPOH but only if Moe Berg didn’t have any of the teen angst. Rhin– Rhin has got the boogie woogie. There’s a moistboyz and SPBT vibe to Rhin that I like. You can always get behind a band who moves and while most of their songs are over four minutes it never seems like your tail riding one of those people who are afriad to get behind the wheel. I was supposed to interview this band back last year or 2014, but I didn’t make it because I get deathly insecure when I am about to meet new people and I think that I’m going to ask a stupid question or they are going to hate me, even though I’ve interviewed hundreds of bands and never had a problem. “Basement” is only 3:01, it’s quick like a band playing Hopscotch with G.R. Kelly , famous tap dancer and lay person. Seven Songs, lots of punch, some fuzz, ragged vocals. Just the band you want riding in your back seat while your speeding to some unknown destination, probably a party Dustin told you about out in the stacks, hoping you make it before the gas tank runs dry. They’ll keep pushing it while you worry about what your dad will say when you call him and tell him you are stranded out at Roach Road. Strange Relations– I wanted to call the vocals in “Ceremonies”...

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