Satan – atom by atom – music review

Satan atom by atom Listenable Records Damn these guys rip it up, sounding like a Nugent riffed metal band with coherent clear vocals. I was surprised by what this is rather than what I thought it was going to be. Seriously, its like a late 70’s BOC like band took their riffs and melded them with mid 80’s metal band with lyrics about evolution being at its peak and end and satan. It’s a really good mix and it really works. Maybe I’m putting some of my own baggage ino this but that’s what happens with these things. But what I’m getting out of this is that we as humans have evolved as far as we can, so this is what you get. So anyone righteous or who follows a godly path cannot expect the rest of us to better ourselves morally because this is where we are at as a society/civilization. So to them, even if we don’t worship evil we might as well, we are on the wrong side of their history. So far into this run of shows this is my favorite release. Phenomenal guitar work. Check out the guitar solo in “fall of persephone” especially at the end of the song. WOW. I hope it’s okay to listen to a band called Satan who play old school metal with songs about evolution being at an end and fallen saviours, because I enjoyed the hell out of it. The end, the very end of civilization is upon us, no more cell phones, dynamite and pre-lubed condoms. It’s over. So why am I, as one of the doomed, rocking out at the edge of the black sea enjoying banging my head and throwing the two devil coronuto? It’s because the band up on the stage at the end of the world party is jamming. Sure they are reporting the findings of how we started our decent and became doomed, reporting back like some sick Ted Koppel hell bent on informing everyone of their follies and part in this exploding lost experiment. Is there time to be saved? Maybe but we don’t care cause the riffs are great, the solo’s kickin and the singing spot on majestic. That this band formed in 1979 and can still rip it up and produce this kind of wonderful metal, really speaks volumes of the talent in this band. My favorite thing that I listened to for this set of episodes of...

Maple Stave – V- Music Review

Maple Stave V Phratry Records Six short songs, I wish there were more. Well when I say short, the last four songs are over four minutes, but it just seems to move along at such a nice clip that the six songs are gone before you are ready for them to leave. I do like the displayed anger in the last song, kind of a Snapcase vibe, check out “Call Sign Spider” after you hear the song we are going to play. Good stuff. Listening to Maple Stave reminds me of Mission of Burma and how I found them in the late 80’s. I used to kick myself for not finding the band (or even other worthy bands sometimes as well) during their zenith. While Maple Stave and Mission of Burma share a certain feel, it’s Maple Stave’s style of music that began these thoughts. Or at least not what propogated them. I think we as a culture spend way too much time trying, and to what benefit?, to be the first to catch onto something. Mocking those who come later into the fold. Lately, I’ve been getting into the Kinks. Of course this is way past their prime time, or even production time. But they did exist before I was born, and certainly zenithed while I was young. My Point? Maple Stave is a good rocking, tight band, and wether you find them now or later in life all that matters is that you found them and that you were open to new things. I mean look at me, I’ve grown from being a self involved asshole with a zine to a self involved asshole who has a podcast. Growth. **Brad Bugos has no concept of growth, as a matter of fact he still thinks it has to do with his penis. Idiot. This review was written by him with no help from the outside world (he makes he say that everytime for some reason). Please check out Maple Stave and the coolest record label going Phratry Records, not only cause they are friends but because they rule. The end (he also makes me write that...

Here are the final three commercials for Episodes 261 to 266

Once again thank you for checking these out, thanks for playing them on your podcast, thanks for passing them along. Not only does it help my fragile ego, but it helps promote the bands and artists on this show. Broken Cross Boss Kong Lovely Days Broken Cross Commercial 1 [ 1:08 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Boss Kong Commercial 1 [ 1:03 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download The Lovely Days Commercial 1 [ 0:52 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Commercials Part 2 from Episodes 261 to 266

Hello. Thanks for stopping by, here are three more commercials from the last run of shows of our podcast SLTM (the Podcast). As is always the case, please feel free to use these on your podcast, or share them with others to help promote music. Follow us on Twitter too Jukebox Romantics John Thayer John Thayer Commercial 2 [ 1:02 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download John Thayer Commercial 3 [ 0:56 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download The Jukebox Romantics Commercial 1 [ 1:18 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

A.M. Nice EP Music Review

A.M. Nice EP Phratry Records I like the song “Dust and Ash”, got some nice ringing guitar too it. Really jumped off the computer for me when I was listening to this while writing some garbage for this podcast. Yeah “Dust and Ash” just really has such a nice vibe too it, plucking away hitting those right spots in between, I like this song. “Passion for Fashion” gives me a good feeling when I hear it, but I wonder if I’m not reading the lyrics/word sounds right. I have a video idea for the song “Dust and Ash”, one that I think, well at least in my feeble mind, would convey what the song means. Open on a high rise office complex, thirty or forty stories high. Interior of the first floor with someone walking up to the elevator, but the elevator is already moving as we can see by the numbers slowly increasing. We faintly hear some rock music. Cut to interior shot of office complex on the twenty seventh floor. The music coming from the elevator is getting louder as the numbers get closer to floor twenty seven. People from the twenty seventh floor start to gather around the elevator, wondering what is going on inside. The door dings, the elevator opens and there is A.M. Nice rocking out inside the elevator playing their hearts out. The song gets close to the end, the door shuts with the music still playing. Close in perspective to the elevator doors and the numbers hitting floor 40, doors open as music fades, out walks a normal looking lady in a dress, smiling at the world. Fade out. Oh and we can either cut to the band rocking it in the elevator in between people gathering in the lobby on floor twenty seven or the person at the end of the video. I can story board all this for you in need be. Look I would like to say that this idea of mine for the video to “Dust and Ash” is available to the band free of charge. Hell I’ll even drive to OHIO, scout some locations and shoot the damn thing for them. That’s how much I think this make sense to me. But then again, I am just some small town dummy with a stupid podcast. **Brad Bugos wrote this, well review would be too kind, this thing. He’s been a little out it since he heard that...

Hey there’s this: Commercials part one from Episodes 261 to 266

These are the first of three commercials for the episodes 261 to 266. We produced, voiced, wrote and edited these for use on our podcast but we encourage you to use them and share them with others. Yeah, they are dumb but hey it give us something to fill the spaces in our other stupid podcast. Thanks for checking these out and thanks for listening to the podcast. Faye Kindling Faye Commercial 2 [ 0:36 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Faye Commercial 4 [ 0:37 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Kindling Commerical 12 [ 0:53 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 266

SLTM Episode 266– I think it all started when Harry Carey said “Hey look at me, I’m Glenallen Hill, I’m a big stupid baby and such” Topic– Clips from Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry -One Hit Wonders, are they correctly pigeon holed? Also not appearing on the show: Swamp Witch – The slithering Bog- transylvaniantapes.bandcamp.com – Here is a little quiz to help you better understand Swamp Witch and their music. Number one- Quick, If I said Swamp Witch what kind of music would you say it was? Yep, exactly right. Okay next question, What would you say if you opened your car door on a hot summer day and saw a banana peel stuck to your dash? Right. Next describe Harvey Pekars brain. Good. Next, Starsky was to Hutch as Mudcap Johnson was to……? Interesting. Soup, good enough for a meal or a horrible nickname for someone with the last name of Campbell? Really, okay, I guess we all have our different opinions. Finally, If I ate a whole ham in one sitting I would look like neighborhood fatass or Lucky Lepinsky heavyweight wrestling champion from 1939? Good. Now tally up your score, send it to the address below and wait six weeks for confirmation that everything is going to be okay. Music: Noise– The name struck me as either an English Punk Rock band or and English Punk Rock band. Have a bit of Irish flair to their sound. “Progress” has some touches of Elvis Costello to it. A good guitar riff intro and enough punk call to action to satisfy Lance at the Deli Counter. If only the punks of 77 had this type of full sound and production, which is what I believe the Ramones were going for when the hired Phil Spector to produce End of the Century. 12 songs might seem like a lot since most bands top out at 8 songs,but most of these songs are around 2 to 2 ½ minutes and all but one are a full frontal assualt & guitar revving punk rockers. The production is smooth, the songs are catchy, and you’ll never notice a spot on the album where you can look around and wonder why the cops stopped driving down this dirt road trying to catch the kids drinking beer. Excel– Thrash with a sense of Humor. First song sounds exactly like early ALL. Also reminds me of early to mid 80’s thrash. Which is always...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 265

SLTM 265: I forgot how god damn dumb birds are Topic: Livesays (A radio Drama) Episode 4 Also Not Appearing on this episode: Water Tank– Destination Unknown–Solar Flare Records– Start out Soundgarden with Badmotorfinger as their first album and move them away from the smoggy NW and the Black Sabbath riffs and move them to the Midwest as AC/DC and the Knack loving selofights and you got Watertank. Well played easy to enjoy rock music. Nothing wrong with it. “DCVR” could have been played on 90’s rock radio sandwiched in between Stone Temple Pilots and Silverchair. This is a band that you probably wouldnt go see headline a tour, not that there is anything wrong with them, but a band who if you saw them open up for a band you like would enjoy their music. A band that you would stick around to hear their set but once the headliner played and finished you would forget to buy their album in the lobby. Also sounds like the next evolution of The Chemical People had they stayed together and continued to make music. Music: AssChapel: Speed Metal. 31 Tracks. I’m not really sure what the message is, but I get the feeling that like some people who listen to rap music, the important part with some sped metal is the energy and intensity. What I would like to see as a change of pace is a sped metal or thrash band come out with sped,intensity, energy and throat shredding vocals but with songs about unicorns and kitties. I wonder if people would notice? I suppose its more about how it makes you feel than the message. This is a career spanning retrospective which are mostly the same songs over and over again. It can be a bit much when you sit down with the intention of listening to the whole thing, but smaller bites are encouraged. Kind of like eating sixteen donuts in a sitting, sure they are good, but your going to get sick and swear off donuts for six months. I do like the brutalitus and guitar fingering on “Fire and Destruction”. Good song. “Lucid Fire” has a nice quick riff. “Mutilated Black Carcass”, hey this guy says he wants to watch you die. That’s not very nice. Dig that crazy Galaga sounding guitar work on “Burn their eyes”. Wow. Cool. Personal Space: you make think of this song as a love song, about someone who wishes...

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