Episode 242 of SLTM (The Podcast)

Episode 242– You can’t build your life around a moment, because a moment doesn’t last Topic Brad’s Audio Diary Part 1 MUSIC ON EPISODE 242: Why+the+Wires – FULL MUSIC REVIEW SOON Imperial Triumphant -Before I even brought this up on my mp3 player I knew this was going to be brutal, growled metal. However, what sets it apart from the pack, if only by a few clicks, is the interesting guitar sounds. Sure there’s the swirling beehive guitar sound. The pummeling fist to the back of the head too. But, there are some acoustic bits, rattling bass and different guitar tunnings. Which takes this a couple of blocks down from the ordinary. “black pyschedelia” has some interesting side road diversions. Good mix of guitar sounds on this one too. There are the usual finger tapping metal guitar plucking sounds, but there is some rattling bass and chilly tinkling on the piano keys before it bursts out of it’s putrid sack and goes out into the world to infect the populace. “Metropolis” is a cacaphony of noise, chilly ghost like tinkling on the piano, like a long dead piano player at the bar in the shining. Then noise, punching, noise. Courage, Dear Heart-did you just hear “unbreakable” ? Well you’ve heard the album. Power Pop, clean clear vocals with harmonies, some soft and some loud. A whisper part on the lead vocals. Dreamy ideas by a bunch of young dudes trying to make the ladies moist. Not horrible by any means. Just polished to a fine shine. Personally I like the grit and grim. “futurism” has some nice vocals, but they sound a bit over processed. Are those clips from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind? Not my type of music but this is well polished power pop empty calorie goodness. Might be harmful to your overall health if this is all you digest. A nice sugary treat but not a part of this balanced breakfast. We Were Giants -“rise” this song is a bit different than the rest. The power pop vocals don’t kick in till half way. If you like Staind, POD and the like, you’ll enjoy this. Heavy rock almost metal bed laid under the growled/screamed vocals until Little Brother comes in fresh from the Panic at the Disco listening party to change the whole ambiance of the show. “Let your little brother sing a little in your band” your mom proded you at the beginning. Your...

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